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Why a Career in Dental Assisting Is a Good Choice

All of us have teeth, and at some point, we need the service of dental health professionals for prophylactic, treatment, or cosmetic purposes. Because of the abundance of individuals who will need dental services, a career in the dental field is more secure than you might initially think. When speaking about dental care, dentists often come to mind as the primary provider of such a service. Dental assistants are gaining recognition as dental health professionals who play a vital supportive role for dentists across the nation. The next thing you might probably ask is: Is dental assisting a good career choice? 

Let’s examine some of the reasons why a career in dental assisting is a good choice.

Competitive Pay

Many of us who are looking for jobs would be concerned about how much we’ll earn and if it would be enough to support our daily needs. If you’re wondering how much dental assistants earn on average, we’d say the pay is well worth it considering the educational requirement for the job. Dental assistants earn an average of $40,000 a year, compared to the average income of nursing and medical assistants, which average $35,000 annually. There are various schools offering diploma, certificate, or degree programs in dental assistance, and their programs can take anywhere between six months to two years. In a short span of time, a world of attractive work opportunities and good income potential awaits you after you finish your dental assistant program.

Job Security

We mentioned earlier that there is a constant and rising demand for dental health services not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Dental clinics in the U.S. are increasing their demand for dental assistants and a 19% increase in job opportunities in the next five years. People of all ages are now more aware of the importance of oral health and availing the services of dental health professionals for different dental concerns. This means that the need for dental assistants will continue to grow and that finding work opportunities in this field is not difficult.

Solid Career Foundation

The dental assistant job is fast-paced and provides constant learning and growth opportunities. The longer your experience as a dental assistant, the more immersed and knowledgeable you become about the world of dentistry and dental health. You become well-versed in administrative functions, patient care, and technical aspects of dentistry. Being a dental assistant can open up career growth opportunities in the health care industry. With further training and education, a dental assistant can go to become a dental hygienist, an insurance claims processing professional, or a dental office manager. 

Even if you choose to remain as a dental assistant, the dental assistant responsibilities are expanding and evolving, which means your role is essential in the dental field, and your pay will increase in accordance with the expanding responsibilities you are granted.

It Is a Rewarding Job

More than the attractive income potential and opportunities for career growth, the sense of reward comes from the satisfaction you feel knowing that you have helped others with your job. Part of your job is to make patients feel comfortable and valued. Your great customer service serves to reinforce and spread the importance of good dental health and hygiene. Also, that service makes a meaningful impact on the lives of the patients, and that itself is a priceless reward.

If you are still standing at a career crossroad, a dental assisting career can be a good direction to take. It doesn’t take long to study and get certified for the career. The demand for dental assistants is increasing, and there are a lot of openings for this job in the dental health field. Best of all, working in the field of dental health means you have a rewarding role in making a difference in the lives of patients. Thus, dental assisting is a career you can be proud of.

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