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Why Is Online Dog Training Beneficial?


Training your dog yourself does not only provide mental exercise for your fur baby but also strengthens your bond. However, learning to train your dog on your own can be challenging. Thankfully, as the world transitions, there are many online training classes and platforms available for dog training as well. These platforms help a dog owner learn from professionals without having to travel long distances.

Today, there are online training sessions available for almost anything, such as IPO, Obedience, BAT, Rally, Engagement, Agility, and more. Not just this, dog owners can take these classes through websites from different countries too. With the world turning into a global village, these websites now allow you to choose your language of instruction as well.

The three typical levels of participation on online platforms include:

  1. Auditing
  2. Online Class Forums
  3. Participation in online class forum and submission of video for feedback

While many people might still be skeptical of online platforms, their multiple beneficial aspects can help you effectively train your dog without having to spend time on the commute. 

Online dog training classes can help in the following ways:

  1. You can assess and get tips on your skills in training your dog.
  2. The dog can train in a natural environment, body positions, and verbal cues that they are familiar and comfortable with.
  3. The feedback from the instructor can help you fix any approach that might not be effective in training your dog.
  4. A dog owner can highly benefit from the audio and visual representation of online classes or websites.
  5. The process of recording videos of your dog during a “Working Spot” can help you assess your training methods.
  6. With this feedback, you can also self-evaluate and self-improve yourself regarding your approach to the training process.
  7. Working with a team in “Working Spots” can make you realize that other people have similar dynamics with their dogs as you have with yours.
  8. You get introduced to newer and updated approaches and concepts.
  9. Online classes are simpler to navigate and review.

Despite the benefits of an online class, there can be some negative aspects of the process that you might consider as well. Online sessions generally have a set end date until when you can view the materials that they have provided. While online classes are very generous with their resources and training skills, some platforms only give you access if you take the course for a set time, which can be a big-time commitment.

The negatives mentioned above can be avoided if you choose a reliable online platform. When choosing an online class, you can focus on those that:

  1. Offer help with secondary behaviors that encourage engagement.
  2. Provide training followed by presenting your dog to a judge to be evaluated.
  3. Help with correcting the problems that the dog might have. 

Online classes introduce newer and more innovative ways to train your dog. They do not just support the dogs to learn new tricks and remain calm, but these platforms allow the owners to use the services based on their schedule as well.

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