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Your Daughter’s Birthday is Coming Up? Here Are Some Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is an art. It takes a very keen type of analysis to get that perfect something for the perfect person. It’s even more difficult if it’s your kid. How many of us really know our kids? They’re their own independent grown-ups with interests that rise and fall and morph on the daily. Good thing the internet is full of people who know a thing or two about giving gifts. If your daughter’s birthday is coming up and you’re at a loss for what to give her, here are some solid gift ideas that will elevate you to the most awesome parent of the year. 

Something Useful

Buying any sort of gift has to be appropriate for the situation. You’re not going to give a child a cocktail set, and you’re not going to give a grown woman an easy bake oven. This goes without saying. These are the absolute minimum requirements when looking or a gift. Here’s a scenario. Your daughter is coming home from college to celebrate her birthday with her childhood friends. That means that some 21st birthday gift ideas for daughter dearest could ideally be in line with something she could use in her dorm or apartment. Things like a personalized picture frame with good calligraphy work are always nice. If she likes to host parties, a popcorn machine is an ultimately cool gift. Light, useful, happy gifts are the best for someone who is growing up fast. 


If you want to win parent of the year, get your daughter a vacation. Yes, you’re probably more concerned with her understanding of the value of money and focusing on her studies. But if you can find something that’s within budget and a clear win for your kid? Go for it. Make it flexible and negotiable. The only thing worse than not getting your kid a free vacation is telling them they have to go on vacation on the dates you already chose. Talk to her and let her know when it’s convenient for her. When presenting the gift, write it out on a card with a nice picture or postcard of a destination of your choosing. You can work out the details later. Don’t pay for her friends, though. That’s too much. Those freeloaders can buy their own tickets. 

Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are great. They’re funny, they reinforce positive emotions, and maintain a healthy level of ridiculousness. That’s healthy for any kind of situation, at any age. This is a favorite during both hard times and great times. It’s a reminder that, in the end, we have each other, and the best thing we can give is a good laugh. Just don’t be that parent that puts a smelly sock in a box in front of all her friends. She might not like that. Keep the gag gifts to close family gatherings. 

Getting gifts for your daughter doesn’t have to be complicated. They can be sweet and caring, funny, and raucous. A gift is an expression of your relationship. It’s the embodiment of how you feel. Whatever it may be, let it come from the heart. 

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