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10 Things to Know About The Valley Hospital

10 Things to Know About The Valley Hospital
Written by Kathleen Roney | November 08, 2012

The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, N.J., is part of Valley Health System, also based in Ridgewood.

Here are 10 things to know about The Valley Hospital.

1. Audrey Meyers serves as CEO of Valley Health System and The Valley Hospital.

2. Richard Keenan serves as CFO.

3. The Valley Hospital has 451 beds.

4. More than 800 physicians, 3,000 employees and 3,700 volunteers constitute the hospital’s staff.

5. In 2011, 51,730 individuals were admitted to Valley, 73,932 people were treated in the emergency department and 3,085 babies were born.

6. In 2011, the hospital recorded $1.86 billion in gross charges and $46 million in net income, according to the American Hospital Directory.

7. The Valley Hospital was one of 41 acute-care hospitals with the highest percentage of patients who reported their pain was “always” well controlled from January 2011 through December 2011, according to the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey.

8. In 2012, the hospital was named to the “100 Great Community Hospitals” list by Becker’s Hospital Review.

9. According to the most recent statistics available, Valley is the second busiest hospital in the state of New Jersey, based on admissions, according to its website.

10. The Valley Hospital is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System in New York City.

8 thoughts on “10 Things to Know About The Valley Hospital

  1. Thank you Editor James for the story and live Link connection, it provides good info.

  2. Those were fun facts. Why don’t I care?

  3. Some other facts about Valley Hospital

    1. Valley Hospital is surrounded by single family homes who pay taxes to the Village of Ridgewood

    2. On the other side they are bounded by BF middle school with a field that Valley has already tried to purchase and was unsuccessful.

    3. Valley Hospital can only be accessed by single family roads with an intersection that has already been given a grade of F by the traffic consultant hired for “Renewal”.

    4. In the 80’s VAlley was told they had reached their max permitted on their 15 acres

    5. In order to build in the 90’s they had to remove the Kraft house

    6. Valley pays no taxes to the Village and only 6 percent of their patients come from Ridgewood

  4. Why should Ridgewood tax payers get stuck holding the bag when so many other towns are serviced by it. Let them expand somewheres else, let some other town put up with the inconvienence, of the constructon, the loss of quality of life, the increased drain on municipal services.

  5. You left off that our Councilwoman Gwenn Hauck was Vice President of the Valley Auxiliary and raised millions of dollars for Valley as chairperson of 2 of their black tie fundraising events.

    Should she be able to vote on the issue of of the Valley expansion?

    1. She gave money to them, they didn’t give it to her. However, it is clear there is a bias and she should have to recuse herself.

  6. Absolutly she should not be allowed to vote. Killion couldn’t vote on the cop raises and layoffs.

  7. Why has this issue not been raised? The process is underway and she has not recused herself yet.

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