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1,530 of the 3840 Deaths due to COVID 19 in New Jersey were in Nursing Homes 

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Ridgewood NJ,  New Jersey currently has 78,467 confirmed cases of COVID 19, or which 3840 have died.

The State has 384 long-term care facilities in the state reporting COVID-19 cases, for a total of 9,094 cases. Tragically, 1,530 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in these facilities. This is the breakdown by county according to the NJ Department of Health dashboard . Clearing the focus should be on protecting residents in long term care facilities , not banning walking in parks or playing golf .

In Atlantic County, eight of their long-term care facilities are reporting 53 COVID-19 cases and six deaths.
In Bergen County, 51 facilities are affected, reporting 1,831 cases and 352 deaths.
In Burlington County, 15 facilities are affected, reporting 310 cases and 32 deaths.
In Camden County, 14 facilities are affected, reporting 281 cases and 48 deaths.
In Cape May County, four facilities are affected, reporting 30 cases and two deaths.
In Cumberland County, two facilities are reporting three cases and no deaths.
In Essex County, 38 facilities are reporting 969 cases and 204 deaths.
In Gloucester County, seven facilities reporting 47 cases and eight deaths.
In Hudson County, 12 facilities are reporting 361 cases and 57 deaths.
In Hunterdon County, four facilities are reporting 143 cases and 20 deaths.
Mercer County, 19 facilities reporting 344 cases and 38 deaths.
In Middlesex County, 35 facilities reporting 832 cases and 162 deaths.
Monmouth County, 40 facilities reporting 782 cases and 114 deaths.
Maurice County, 32 facilities reporting 829 cases and 150 deaths.
Ocean County, 32 facilities reporting 543 cases and 43 deaths.
Passaic County, 18 facilities reporting 460 cases and 76 deaths.
Salem County, two facilities, 18 cases and one death.
Somerset County, 24 facilities with 456 cases and 58 deaths.
Sussex County, five facilities reporting 161 cases and 45 deaths.
Union County, 26 facilities reporting 472 cases and 91 deaths.
Warren County, six facilities affected reporting 169 cases and 23 deaths.

Ridgewood Councilwomen Bernie Walsh promotes “adopt a senior”

8 thoughts on “1,530 of the 3840 Deaths due to COVID 19 in New Jersey were in Nursing Homes 

  1. misplaced priories as usual

  2. the state does nothing to protect resident of these facilities

  3. They are sitting ducks….

  4. NJ long-term care residents account for less than 1% of the population, but 40% of deaths from coronavirus, new statistics show.

  5. They are old and in most cases seriously ill. You can bring in all the nurses on the east coast and it would not make a difference, the virus gets in from the staff and it spreads, no way to stop it. They need care from the very people who transfer the virus. You cannot isolate them because they need one to one care. The ones who make it, survive only because they were able to beat it on their own.

    Remember all of this when you read “Made In China”. This is punishment for trusting them. Those damn bats…. right?

  6. this is not good.
    this is not how we should be treating our seniors.
    this is just sad.

  7. These people in many cases were paying $9,000-$15,000 a month — and the corporations that run the facilities did not have a strong enough protocol in place to stop spread of the virus. There should be a lot of lawsuits when this is over.

  8. Just think…

    If the government actually addressed the problem, they would have focused their efforts and policies among the medically vulnerable and not imposed blanket draconian measures. The economy would not have crashed and less people would have died. More people might have been infected (maybe) but they would have had less deaths and caused less social upheaval.

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