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Ridgewood Councilwomen Bernie Walsh promotes “adopt a senior”

Village Council Candidate Bernie Walsh

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,councilwomen Bernie Walsh posted in the Facebook group , It takes a Ridgewood Village” ,

“I’ve had a bunch of senior citizens that live alone call me over the past couple of days. Many are not online and have no way of getting around. Please “adopt a senior” if you can. This could include making sure they are set up for Swiftreach, have essentials in their cupboard or whatever. Sometimes they just want to talk on the phone and hear someone’s voice. We are such a great community, continue paying it forward. My list is growing if anyone can help out.”


9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Councilwomen Bernie Walsh promotes “adopt a senior”

  1. Sounds like she is running for election again. She was missing for last four years.

  2. So Bernie posts something to help senior citizens and she’s election mongering but Ramon does 50 robo calls and emails and he’s what? Give me a break. And don’t think we don’t all know what is going on behind the scenes.

  3. Maybe she can keep raising taxes to pay for more pensions ?

  4. Anonymous, Ramon was not missing for last four years. Bernie was.

  5. she can keep rising the taxes for circular stairs.

  6. Was Bernie even there for last four years?

  7. Knudsen is the one with all of her children as employees. Why would Walsh care about the pensions?

  8. Anonymous, 1 through 7 (Speaks volumes). Share your hand sanitizer and face masks. Where is Dom Nizza when we need him?

  9. At least Hache has been around the past few years. Haven’t heard boo from Bernie until now. What’s she been going besides raising taxes?

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