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6 Subtle Signs Of A Cheating Spouse And What To Do About It

Relationships are difficult but being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. The sense of betrayal and the feelings of inadequacy that often come when you know your spouse has been unfaithful can be so painful. Whilst it is never a good idea to jump to conclusions, certain signs might suggest your spouse is having an affair. It is always best to try and communicate with your partner if you have suspicions as a false accusation can do almost as much damage to a relationship as a real affair. 

If you are concerned about your spouse’s potential infidelity, here are 7 subtle signs of a cheating spouse and what to do about it. 

Changes in Your Sex Life

One big sign that your spouse may be cheating is if they stop being interested in having sex with you. It may be that they appear indifferent or disinterested interesting or when you do have sex, they seem like they are not engaged and are just going through the motions. It is really important not to immediately assume the worst because libido can be affected by many things. There is a chance, however, that your spouse is not interested in sex because they are getting their satisfaction elsewhere and so if it becomes a regular thing, it should maybe ring alarm bells. 

Your Spouse has Taken off their Wedding Ring

This is often a surefire sign that someone is having an affair. There are some legitimate reasons why someone might take off their wedding ring, like eczema or inflammation, but if you find yourself in this situation, then it may be a legitimate reason to be concerned and start assessing your marriage status. One divorce lawyers explained that your wedding ring is the most visible sign that you are married, and if you notice that your spouse isn’t wearing it, especially if they have been out the night before or have been away with their friends or on a business trip, it is one of the biggest signals that they may be cheating. 

A strange Scent on their Body

If your spouse comes home with a strange scent on their body, this is a huge sign that they may be cheating. To transfer enough perfume or cologne from one person to another that it is noticeable later takes far more than an innocent hug or greeting kiss on the cheek. It takes a lot of body to body contact to spread perfume or cologne so if you notice that your spouse is smelling like somebody else, you may want to confront them about it.

A New Look

It is a sad fact perhaps that we all tend to let ourselves go a little bit when we have been married for a long time. Whilst this is normal and is not something that you should take personally if one day you notice that your partner has suddenly started grooming more and is spending more time on their appearance, it may be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else. There is no problem with your spouse trying to be the best version of themselves through exercise and new clothes but if these sudden changes are linked to other irregular behavior, this could be a red flag.

Vague Expenditures

In many families, it is common for one partner to hold the keys to the family budget. Even if both spouses are working, there is usually one person who is more adept at budgeting and looking after the household finances. If you are that person and you notice vague, unaccounted outgoings, it could be a definite sign that your spouse is spending money on somebody else. As a married couple, it is important to be open and honest about shared finances so if there are any unusual expenditures, even if they don’t turn out to be nefarious, it is still vital to discuss them with your spouse.

Your Spouse Regularly Coming Home Late

In many jobs, there are often irregularly scheduled work meetings or overtime that must be done, but if your spouse’s work schedule suddenly starts changing, it may be worth some scrutiny. Work is the most common excuse that is used by unfaithful spouses to explain away irregular behavior so make sure to ask friendly but probing questions if your spouse starts coming home late or claiming that they have to work irregular hours. 

It is never advisable to jump to conclusions when it comes to accusing your spouse of cheating but there is certain behavior that can be a telltale sign that something is amiss. Make sure that you are certain before making accusations because a wrongful accusation can cause a lot of issues between couples. Communication is key in relationships so talk to your spouse about any issues you have before they become a big problem/

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  1. Condoms in a glove compartment, wallet, briefcase, or purse is another clue. Hey, if you see your spouse in, time to call your lawyer and to get tested for STDs.

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