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NJ Police Unions May Have Reached a Tipping Point With Governor Murphy

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, after years of endorsing Democrat candidates New Jersey Police Unions may have hit a tipping point . Governor Phil Murphy today signed three pieces of legislation that make various reforms to New Jersey’s criminal justice system. The bills will ensure personnel files of law enforcement officers are shared when applying for employment at other agencies, accelerate juvenile justice reforms, and expand critical re-entry benefits.

“I’ve been clear that New Jersey will be as aggressive as any state in the nation in our efforts to reform a criminal justice system that has largely failed our Black and Brown communities for far too long,” said Governor Murphy. “Among other important changes, these measures promote a greater degree of professionalism in law enforcement hiring practices and ensure that young people and formerly incarcerated individuals who are re-entering society are provided with a meaningful chance to reach their full potential.”

The major point of contention is when the Governor signed the following bill into law: A744 (Johnson, Holley, Conaway, Wimberly/Weinberg, Turner) – Requires law enforcement agencies to provide internal affairs and personnel files of law enforcement officers to other agencies under certain circumstances.

from the NJ PBA’s twitter account :

We are very disappointed the @NewJerseyOAG has chosen to attack our integrity with his tweets today. He knows us better than that and we have always managed to work together productively to benefit our law enforcement community.
Unfortunately his decision to release major disciplinary records is an overreach that violates the rights of our active and retired members. We dont want bad cops in our midst. But this directive does nothing to keep bad cops off the streets.
His order, done with zero prior discussion with New Jerseys law enforcement professionals, serves no public safety purpose. The order doesnt provide any context to the discipline, it has no bearing on an officers ability to do his job honorably,
it punishes those who already have been disciplined. It only serves as salacious material for the media and those who hate the police. Instead of tweeting the AG can call us back to the table and rewrite this policy so it makes sense. If not, we are forced to court.

5 thoughts on “NJ Police Unions May Have Reached a Tipping Point With Governor Murphy

  1. cops supported murphy , serves them right

  2. They say to forget and forgive prisoners, as they must be reformed,yet not any Police Officer?

  3. You can’t plead for leniency if you can’t forgive others.

  4. What is the purpose of keeping records if nobody ever sees them? PBA is just silly here…of course the records should be public. Cops are OUR employees, and I want the best.

  5. All the shits going to come out now. If you have the time put your papers in

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