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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Your Roof Repairs

Is overlooking the possible issues with the roof of your home something that you do? Well, yes, roofs do last pretty long, and who even has time and energy to climb up there every now and then when surely nothing can go wrong, you might think? To be fair, there is truth in there. But regularly maintaining your roof can really save you a lot of trouble, and money, in the long run. You surely must admit that it’s better to deal with a problem if there is one right away, and then wait for it to come crashing down (quite literally in this case). In this article, we will try to give you some valuable reasons that will potentially change your mind when it comes down to roof maintenance.


If your roof isn’t inspected and maintained regularly, there is a high possibility that you will face roof leaks in a certain amount of time. Now, when you read rood leaks – you probably think about the rain dramatically pouring right inside your home. Yes, that can also happen, but these aren’t the leaks we are talking about right now. Consider minor leaks, your roof is a bit damaged here and there, and you didn’t see catch that on time, or you didn’t clean your gutters, and now they are getting filled with rain, and the water is staying there, having the time to crawl under the roof. If this happens, experts from recommend addressing this problem as soon as possible. What happens after time is that the accumulated water, or moisture, is going to affect the walls under and around the roof. The result is stained walls, rotting wood, blotched patches on the walls, mold, nothing even remotely pleasant. 


We have mentioned mold in the previous paragraph, but let’s get a bit more into it in this one. Mold is usually the result of algae growth. In rainy, humid weather, algae (and other vegetational growth like moss) can take hold and grow pretty quickly on your roof. This causes the roof materials to remain damp by accumulating water, which further causes the material to rot – and when rot sets in, so can mold. We will discuss the rotting more in the next section, but for now, let’s focus on the mold. Not only will it affect your roof, but there is a high possibility that it will spread to the attic, and from there, further into the house. 

So, if you can smell musty odors in certain rooms, the probability is high that you are dealing with this exact problem. And the smell isn’t even the biggest problem, since mold is toxic.


Now for the rotting part, it definitely takes some time for the roof to rot, but when it’s done, the damage is irreversible. It makes the materials more prone to collapse, and thus roof must be changed as soon as possible to prevent this.

Pest Infestation

This problem can also be because of the present rotting since it creates a small network of holes in the material, and pests don’t need an awful lot of space to enter your home. In fact, did you know that mice can get in through a hole the size of a dime or even a pencil eraser? If there are larger gaps in your roof, you may even be able to hear squirrels rolling about in your attic. It goes without saying that smaller insects can get in there even easier. The sooner you have your roof fixed, the better you are protected from this kind of infestation, sooner you have your roof fixed, the better protected your family will be from pests.

Property Damage

As said before, leaks and mold indicate rotting, which further makes materials very fragile. We have mentioned that this can lead to roof collapse, but this isn’t the only scenario in which it can happen. Ensure that you check out your chimney for cracks or missing mortar because structural damage of any size can cause bricks to start falling out, which can damage your roof and cause your chimney to collapse.

Roof Repair Can Turn Into Roof Replacement

All of the points made above indicate that the longer the problem is present – the worse it gets. And if there are few minor repairs that you need to make, I’m sure that you will find that easier and less costly then to wait and happen to be in a situation where you need to replace the entire roof.

Property Value

Last but not least, are you’re hoping to sell your house in the near future? If the answer is yes, well, you should probably consider working on that roof. Your roof’s condition is one of the first things potential homebuyers will ask about. And since it’s a pretty noticeable feature, you can’t really hide the truth.

While yes, all the possible things that can happen with your roof may be daunting, but it all comes down to maintaining it regularly, and every problem is easily preventable if you are careful.

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