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Adopting A Puppy? A Complete List Of Things To Prepare

If you’re thinking of making a new addition to the family and getting yourself a puppy, there are so many things you need to be aware of. A puppy comes with a whole lot of responsibility. As their care provider, you need to make sure that your puppy has a safe, clean environment to live in, as well as other tools and necessities. Here’s a complete list of things to prepare when adopting a puppy.


While using a dog collar or leash is possible for dogs, a puppy who doesn’t know how to walk yet is better off with a harness. You’ll find various types of harnesses on this website that can help you better understand why it is essential for a puppy. Because a harness gives you better control of a dog, it is best to be used in crowded areas and busy streets to ensure that your puppy is safe and doesn’t get hurt. 


You’ll need to buy food and water for your puppy. While it might take a bit of trial and error to test out which food works best for your little pup, your vet will be able to let you know the recommended food type and quantity. Before you adopt a puppy, you need to have done the research, know what works best with your puppy’s breed and what quantity is recommended for their age. You also need to prepare a water bowl for them to get their daily water intake.

Dog bed

Your dog needs a comfortable, safe place to sleep in your home. So, before you adopt a dog, you need to prepare the environment by finding an area where your puppy will be comfortable, safe, and comfortable. You’ll also need to get a dog bed that keeps your little furry friend warm and provides a sense of coziness. While you’re at it, you should make sure your home is ready for your dog in terms of dog proofing as well as removing any hazardous or dangerous items that could cause your little puppy harm.


A puppy is just like a little baby and needs a form of distraction or something to play with. Especially when you’re not around, it’s important to have a few toys for your dog to chew on and keep it company. You should also prepare a few toys that you can play together to make sure that your little puppy has enough entertainment to keep them occupied.


Having one place where your puppy is allowed to pee or poop is essential so that they don’t mess up the entire house. While it could take time until they get the hang of things and understand what it means to be potty trained, it is important to identify a certain area and have the necessary tools or sheets to make your dog comfortable. Once you identify one place, it will be easier for them to grasp the concept and reduce the mess they make. 

Sanitary wipes and disinfectants

While your dog will need to take a bath on a regular basis, it’s essential that you keep your area as well as your dog clean at all times. You’ll need to frequently clean them with sanitary wipes and clean the area around them with disinfectant to make sure the hygiene is suitable for all members of the family and reduce the risk of infection.


While a dog will develop a whole lot of affection for you, they will appreciate treats a great deal. You can use them as a reward system in order to teach them important things or give them credit when they’ve listened, performed a task, or learned a new trick. Treats will come in handy when you need to calm them down or get them to do something they don’t want to, too.

Grooming kit

Because dogs have a lot of hair and they like to play around a lot, it’s very easy to find things tangled in their hair. With a grooming kit, you also avoid the tangles that can cause them pain, make them look sharp, and build a strong bond with them that they will learn to really appreciate as pampering.

Adopting a puppy is a wonderful experience that you and your family members will find extremely enjoyable. However, before making the decision to add a new member to your family, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared, have dog-proof your home and are ready to provide your new furry companion with all the essentials they need to live a happy, healthy life.

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  1. Unfortunately most people should not have a dog.
    Its an animal that requires companionship, its not a begonia.
    You create a monster with that invisible fence, due to territorial instincts, because you are too lazy to walk the dog.
    Way too many viscious dogs here that i witness every day.
    Dogs tend to reflect their owners.
    Nice people have nice dogs.
    If your dog is a viscous asshole, chances are it was learned from the asshole owner.

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