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All municipal Parks, Fields, and Recreational Facilities in the Village of Ridgewood Will Remain Closed

May 1, 2020

Dear Ridgewood School Community,

On April 29, 2020, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 133, which allows state parks and golf courses to reopen effective at sunrise on Saturday, May 2. Additionally, county governments will have the authority to determine whether county parks will be open or remain closed. Social distancing measures continue to be in effect for these outdoor spaces, and individuals are encouraged to wear a mask. The Executive Order and information about social distancing policies and specific areas/facilities that remain closed at state parks and forests can be found at

Although the state parks and golf courses may reopen, all municipal parks, fields, and recreational facilities in the Village of Ridgewood remain closed, with the exception of the walking paths at Habernickel Park and Veteran’s Field, which are open. This closure includes all properties and grounds of the Ridgewood Public Schools. Please be sure to adhere to these closures, as warm weather approaches. I know that everyone will be eager to spend time outdoors, but we must continue to practice social distancing and be cautious and deliberate to avoid a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Enjoy your weekend!


Daniel Fishbein, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

5 thoughts on “All municipal Parks, Fields, and Recreational Facilities in the Village of Ridgewood Will Remain Closed

  1. Why can’t the pickle ball courts open?

  2. With Pickleball you’re often within 6′ of others. In addition to which when you go for a ball there’s often grunting or exhaling. Assuming you’re wearing masks, these particles are sprayed upon/fall upon your hands (whether gloved or not) that are then used to touch the ball. The ball then comes in touch with the hands and/or clothes of other players. Even if you sanitize after playing, your hands then come in contact with your clothes.

  3. I feel comfortable allowing the pickle ball players to maker their own safety decisions.

  4. petty people abusing their power…

  5. The next time I play pickle ball will be the first time.

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