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>April 17th is the Annual School Election

>Annual School ElectionTuesday, April 17th is the Annual School Election. Polls are open from 7am to 9pm. Please Vote!

So here we go another uninspired BOE election and this Blogger asks.” Are we doing the right thing or just sending our kids home on the short bus?” As usual we got the “costs are up” and the “state mandates are killing us”, coupled with the “whacky school funding” argument. No offence to the powers that be but your basically asking us to approve the same old ,same old .With no guarantee that our kids will even have time in the busy school day to learn anything. So the price is higher and the quality is suspect, what’s a voter to due? The real scary thing is no ones even pretending to pursue restoring the quality and the credibility to our children’s education. Seems most are focused on there plum projects ranging from very over priced laptops to self aggrandizing field renovations .But frankly I really don’t care or see how increasing teachers pay at this point ,giving administrators more toys and more days off or puffing peoples resume with the latest new education scheme is educating our kids one bit. You see the 3R’s are in essence very inexpensive, it’s the commitment to excellence that takes time and money and I guess that’s what’s bothering me .It seems more and more apparent that in the rush to spend lots of money this town has simply lost the commitment to excellence that it once had.


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  1. >So what happens if we vote the budget down today? Can you explain the fallout and costs to our kids currently in the school system? If there are none, then great.. let us know. What happens if the budget is defeated?

    Or… is there a downside to this? Will our kids bear the burden in 2007-08? All because a bunch of gadflies want to stir the pot? You spend more on your spring flowers and your lawn than the budget increase will cost you. Seems to be part of living in a “family-first” Village…

    Vote YES today.

  2. >”So what happens if we vote the budget down today” …maybe you wont get “gay day off anymore”

  3. >what the hell are you talking about? There is not gay day off you moron. And to the other anonymous post, what happens if the budget fails is that it will be up to the VILLAGE COUNCIL to make the cuts. Does that inspire confidence? Not for me! So to answer your question, yes our kids will bear the burden in 2007-2008. This has been my point repeatedly. If you want to fix the school budget, get involved early in the process for next year’s budget…don’t just vote this budget down and think you’re solving your problem.

    To this original poster, you contradict yourself — you said, “it’s the commitment to excellence that takes time and money.” Duh. So don’t cut the money. You can’t have it all ways — you can’t lament the state of US education and worry about our competing in the global marketplace, and then say you’re not willing to fund our education.

    I still have to wonder — how much do you posters here really know about the education our kids are getting? I have students in the schools. I am continually impressed with their education and the opportunities they have. RHS is a GREAT school and I know that, having had kids in several other schools in New Jersey and other states (relocating for job reasons). Is RHS perfect? No. But my children are getting a great education, got into great colleges and are growing into fine adults. That does not happen by accident and it does not happen in a “failing” or “bad” school.

    Please vote YES on the budget — and then get involved with your Board of Ed members to give your input on next year’s budget!

  4. >* Let Us Not have Hindsight *
    Have Foresight on the BOE’s $80 Million Budget. By not laddering costs over time for technology equipment replacement, is pure hindsight. To gradually replace a percentage of the old equipment, every so many years, would’ve had a less $ tax impact. A yearly contract for technical support should be considered, vs. a full salaried technician with fully paid benefits on the tax roll.
    *Taxes on average home projected increase $289. *Plus for technology additional $80.

    Have Foresight, right around the corner, in May, with the coming SD proposal for the parks and recreation master plan. $ Six figure proposal? And this is for recreation for all parks. Who’s to pay? Surely not all bonds.
    *Taxes on average home increase $ ? and over a 10 year period.

    Have Foresight on the newly introduced village’s budget, $37.1 Million. Public hearing May 9.
    *Taxes on average home to increase $112 more than last year.

    Have Foresight – village property reassessments late 2007.! Increases!
    * * Let Us Not have Hindsight * It’s Our Money* Ridgewood is about Money and Sports * VOTE NO !!!

  5. >this budget is not about kids its about other people getting things

  6. >if the budget fails is that it will be up to the VILLAGE COUNCIL to make the cuts…..I’ll get them a row boat

  7. >I still have to wonder — how much do you posters here really know about the education our kids are getting?…..Given some of literate posts on this blog I’d say the kids “aint learning nutin”

  8. >Here are a couple of news flashes: 1) Computers are a necessity, not an option.,,,, NO Offense but this town and BOE are run by a bunch of people living in the 1970’s , every kid in this town has a laptop and a Mercedes every kids is on the internet and gets more information in one hour on the net than they do in a year at school listening to all the PC bull sh*t, buying a bunch of very over priced computers is not going to do anything ,good try

  9. >Do you even pay attention to facts? The computers needed are primarily for use in the language lab, so that students studying foreign languages (that would be ALL students at some point, as there is a requirement), can use the most up-to-date language lab software. Probably you think it’s unimportant to learn other languages…but since some of you are fixated in our students’ place in the world economy, learning foreign languages is vital.

    And really your juvenile comments about every kid having a mercedes is just laughable. No, strike that, not even funny. Just asinine.

  10. >BB ,Ridgewood is full of rich kids that have everything and get everything ,anyone can down load all the language software for a couple hundred dollars ….spare me and get out of the 1970’s

  11. >Is there a point about the 70s that I am missing? What is the relevance therein?

  12. >Is there a point about the 70s….for most in 1995 there was a revolution in comunication called the internet ,it changed everything WAKE UP !!

  13. >Please consider these facts before you cast your vote:

    This budget is the result of school, Board, resident, and parent input to create a fair budget for village residents and students:

    This budget increase is the smallest one in 7 years. Numerous cuts have been made in services to offset rising costs.

    Budget increases have been minimal: The budget increases for the past two years (2006-07 and 2007-08) are the smallest increases in the past 13 years.

    Costs have been contained so that Ridgewood has one of the lowest per-pupil costs in Bergen County/NJ.

    The school budget is stretched to cover more than it used to (such as the federally mandated services for ESL, the rising number of autistic children in this region, etc.), and schools face unavoidable costs that continue to rise:

    Village residents benefit from their tax investment in the schools:

    Ridgewood is the largest school district in Bergen County with an enrollment of 5,613 students K through 12. We are a J district and one of New ersey’s “lighthouse districts”.

    Our students consistently score well on the SATs (1168 combined math and English scores in 2005 – the third highest scores in the county) and outscore most of the I and J districts on the state standardized tests for 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 11th grades (RHS placed second and third out of 45 county high schools in math and language arts tests)

    Standard & Poor’s named the Ridgewood School District one of the top five “Outperforming School Districts” among its peers in the State of New Jersey.

    It is the strength of Ridgewood’s reputation that ensures village homes are highly valued in the competitive New Jersey real estate market.

    Ridgewood receives very little state aid to relieve the taxpayers:

    Bergen County receives the least amount of state aid in New Jersey.

    Ridgewood receives the least amount of aid in Bergen County.
    Our students are completely dependent on aid from property taxes.

    These amounts are determined by your legislators – the Board of Ed must do the best job possible to cover costs regardless of the low amount received by the state.

    New Jersey receives very little state aid from the Federal Government.

    NJ receives 3% of all school revenues – no other state receives less.

    Only eight other states receive less than 5%.

    To control costs, Ridgewood schools work closely with other districts and our municipality to share services and collaborate. Some efforts include:

    o Our cooperative bidding for energy costs with the New Jersey School Board ACES program,

    o our agreement with Region 1 in Northwest Bergen County to provide special education transportation,

    o our collaboration with Paramus to provide an in-district autistic program for our elementary students and a high school program for students with Asperger Syndrome, and

    o our continuing efforts to cut overhead and administrative costs, such as eliminating traditional school positions such as Vice Principal.

    o The schools share the cost of one full time electrician with the municipality and have a contract with the Village to maintain school grounds and athletic fields.

    o The schools have privatized our transportation, food service, and custodial and maintenance services, all of which have saved money for village taxpayers.

    o Parents, and Home/School Associations, now pay directly for field trips, ad`ditional books and school supplies, and organize additional fundraisers to relieve the budget.

    In addition to the formalized budget expenditures, Ridgewood schools benefit from a large number of village residents who contribute their time and energy to make the schools the best possible environment for our children. They are an invisible force of taxpayers who help keep costs down as much as possible, and their volunteer efforts help make this village a great place to live.

  14. >thanks for the info ,just say NO !

  15. >Since when is this town interested in promoting technology …before this blog there wasn’t even a picture of the town on the internet …I agree with PJ’s NO

  16. >Great for the informational post, all the more reason to Vote: NO!
    The Mrs says:
    Also, There’s a good percentage of Ridgewood resident homeowners who either 1) Do Not have kids in the school system,grown,gone on, retirees living on fixed incomes, or 2) Those that send their kids to Parochial Private Schools. How would any of those benefit from an $80 Million BOE PUBLIC budget? And 3) Believe it or not, some homeowners have a ’Property Tax Freeze’ due to meeting an income cap level, their property taxes do not increase. Lets keep our taxes in line and reality. It’s the teacher Unions behind it all. VOTE: NO!

    By the way, the post who said “With the exception of Maple, to which I’m certain you did not contribute a red cent, Ridgewood’s athletic facilities suck.” – Why does that keep coming up? Isn’t Donation = equal = Voluntary! Very typical comment of Ridgewoods class of snobbery!

    Voter turn out is very Poor! Polls still Open-Get Out and VOTE!

  17. >Can someone please cite for me an item of importance where the price has held or been reduced lately?

    Food – no
    Gas – no
    Electricity – no
    Housing – no
    General Merch – no
    Transportation – no

    So why would you expect the cost of education to drop? Granted, I think cuts can be made but I don’t hink we’ll ever see the days of $8k/student again.

  18. >Hey Anonymous 5:51 pm. Not snobbery at all. Simply a statement of fact. A related fact is that there are scores of people who carp endlessly about the tax burden of living and playing in RW. Maple is an example of a taxation-neutral approach to solving a major problem in town and they carp endlessly about that too!

  19. >** There’s a good percentage of Ridgewood resident homeowners who either 1) Do Not have kids in the school system,grown,gone on, retirees living on fixed incomes, or 2) Those that send their kids to Parochial Private Schools. How would any of those benefit from an $80 Million BOE PUBLIC budget?**

    To answer: 1) and 2): we don’t pay for our schools only so our OWN kids can benefit. It’s for the good of the community and society in general. That’s how it works…we ALL pay because educating children benefits ALL of us, no matter how old we (or our grown kids) are.

  20. >Keep fighting folks. And while your at it, we’ll be leaving the state. My wife and I moved here 5 years ago into a rental. We had the intention of buying a home in Ridgewood. But I can see the writing on the wall. Taxes are high to begin with and going to go even higher. I see Ridgewood High School falling in various state wide ratings, including the state report card. I see a brand new town hall that floods after spending millions. So, we’re out, like so many other residents. Notice all the for sale signs? You can justify higher taxes all you like, but the market always wins. And the market says its time to leave.

  21. >Hey bbwool, Fully aware that the Budget is for Public education for ALL kids for a better community and All society. I Still think the $80 MILLION BOE budget for one town, is a bit excessive which will hurt the middle, lower, and fixed income people in this town, in addition to the coming $32 Million Town Budget and the yet to be revealed 6 Figure SD Master Plan, topped by a year end reassessment. The state NJ should have a statewide across the board school tax for ALL Towns, Equal education, Equal Teacher pay, equal education tax – Then you can say its not just for our RW kids, and can then truly say its for ALL kids and for the good of community and All society. RW schools are public, not Ivy League. Its good the kids will be getting the laptops needed, I don’t deny that, All kids statewide should have that equal opportunity also. Just wonder how long the new laptops will last, before replacement ones will be needed again?

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