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ATM Blind Spot on Franklin Avenue in Ridgewood

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by Frank Geraghty

Ridgewood NJ, a reader has been making the rounds in the Village of Ridgewood and pointing out , blind turns , dangerous intersections, bad signage and roads in need of repair . The ATM machine on the front side of the TD Bank facing Franklin Avenue puts bank customers in a blind spot unable to see vehicles exiting the bank’s drive through window and motorists can not see the customer exiting the ATM machine . This safety issue could be easily remedied by adding a fence on the left side of the ATM blocking the egress to the driveway so the ATM customer does not inadvertently walk into an on coming car exiting the drive through window.

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12 thoughts on “ATM Blind Spot on Franklin Avenue in Ridgewood

  1. I love it.

    Keep pointing these bad areas out.

  2. The actual traffic problem in that area is the Starbuck drive-thru, not the TD Bank drive-thru

  3. The list of dangerous places in town is absurd.

  4. How about the ends of Walthery both ends that touch Linwood. Both sides residents park cars all the way to the stop signs on both sides.
    First of all there’s no parking within 50 feet of stop signs.
    Next to get out of Walthery you have to be basically in the middle of the road as Somme could be turning in and to turn in to Walthery you have to swerve around a car parked right there.
    It’s absolutely awful.
    Kensington. Where you turn in off of Fairfield. No sidewalks and a curved street entrance. Cars parked all up and down.
    You’re swerving around parked cars all the time. IN to other cars.
    Walnut cars parked in front of their homes almost to the cross walk on Linwood so you turn in to walnut off of Linwood and immediately have to swerve to not hit the parked Volvo – Park in your driveway!!
    ALL of the sidewalks on Glen Ave but particularly the ones that are surrounding Travell and BF.
    The double parking of all cars on Franklin and Broad. Ticket all day long there and stop worrying about residents leaf pick up.
    The new Wonder trucks parked on sidewalks and all over town idling for hours and hours.
    We can keep going.

    1. Re: Walthery SE corner ….cops should be ticketing that residents cars every dam day. Plenty of room in the driveway but they park on the street a few feet from the stop sign. You have to swerve around those parked cars into oncoming traffic to get to the corner and near head-ons with cars turning onto Walthery from Linwood happen constantly. No reason for it. RPD needs to ticket these cars until they stop parking at the stop sign and endangering everyone else.

  5. The absolute boneheads who can’t share the driveway and pull all the way ahead at the Starbucks (which has no business being where it is)

  6. Dayton street, where it crosses Maple going west.

    During high traffic hours(rush hours am/pm), cars stopped at the light at Ridgewood/Maple block line of sight. Impatient drivers can’t see but apparently cross their fingers and just go.

    There’s an easy half dozen T-bones there a year, made worse by the fact that people floor it once past the light(headed towards spring).

    Should be a one-way.

  7. These problems could be solved by driving 25 mph!

    1. These problems could be solved by driving responsibly at 35 mph.

      Driving slower does not equate to driving safer.
      All it does is provide feel good virtue signaling to feel like you contributed to solving a problem, but you actually did absolutely nothing.

  8. I’ve said for years that CBD speed limit should be 20 mph and well marked.

    1. Right on!

      Passing another law will solve the problem!

      It has been proven conclusively that by just creating a new more restrictive law, people will automatically change their behavior and problems will be solved. If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was magical thinking.

  9. The house at the corner of N. Pleasant and Glen. They don’t trim the bushes, so you have to pull further into the intersection to see incoming traffic which often is coming too fast headed to Rt.17.
    Have there been any accidents at that corner?

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