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Attention Carl Golden and Jose Arango: New Jerseyans can walk and chew gum simultaneously

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein
NJ GOP State Committeeman

The residents of our state are smart and sophisticated enough to applaud success and criticize failure at the same time. New Jerseyans are glad when Governor Phil Murphy directs supplies to help hospitals and first responders during the Wuhan virus crisis. Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of New Jerseyans are also rightfully enraged when he pursues progressive pet policies under its guise, while failing to propose any meaningful help for middle- and working-class residents from the coming economic pain it has caused. To argue as Carl Golden, a columnist at has that criticism of Governor Murphy’s policies are “an unforced error,” or as Jose Arango, the do-little chair of the Hudson County Republican Organization, has that doing so is “political grand standards [sic]”, is a pathetic attempt at muzzling the millions of New Jerseyan’s anxious not only about the viral epidemic but whether they will still have a job and be able to afford their bills after it ends.

Both Golden and Arango’s attempt to silence constructive criticism meant to help New Jerseyans weather the current viral and coming economic storms boil down to policing speech and the extremist cancel culture most New Jerseyans and Americans reject. Both were in response to Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli’s video criticizing Governor Murphy’s imposition of a state rationing panel to instruct hospitals on how to apportion life saving measures and to which patients during the Wuhan virus crisis. Undoubtedly there are limited supplies of life saving ventilators but the decision on how to handle medical care should be left to the medical professionals on the front lines serving our fellow New Jerseyans, not political appointees who do not know the balance of each individual hospital’s human and medical resources. State energies should not be used to micromanage and take over the decision-making authority of our front-line medical professionals but should be focused on bolstering our hospitals and first responder’s ability to heal as many people as possible.

Real leadership, such as Jack Ciattarelli exhibited, is about being unafraid to speak truth to power. Real leaders are not willing to bow down unthinkingly before every order of every government executive officer as if they were commandments directly from god. In fact, peacefully pushing back against bad political ideas is how Constitution loving New Jerseyans were able to get Governor Murphy to do a complete 180% turn on his previous de facto canceling of the 2nd Amendment in our state. Reinstatement of the 2nd Amendment – the reopening of self-defense and gun stores was vitally necessary in light of another looney left-wing policy pursued by Murphy – that of releasing hundreds, if not thousands, of convicts from detention. The progressive policy delusion that the public is safer during this viral and economic crisis with more criminals on the streets has been implemented in area’s governed by out of touch extremist Democrats across the nation. Although the public was promised that the release would be limited only to non-violent criminals, it has been documented that the political leaders of New York and California have already released convicted sex offenders onto the streets under the Orwellian banner of “public health.” 

According to Golden and Arango’s “logic,” the people of New Jersey should remain silent on the policy of releasing criminals from detention Murphy and other Democrats are pushing at a time of crisis. Do they also think no one should have advocated for Murphy to make the right call, as 49 other states and the federal government had already done, to postpone state income tax fillings, a decision he just made April 1st?

Should we, residents of New Jersey, not ask why  Murphy was content for so long to sit on his hands while hundreds of thousands of unemployed New Jerseyans, millions more nervous they will soon be let go, and everyone coping with unforeseen costs and worried about the virus worry were kept in limbo with the additional worry of having enough money to pay their always out of proportion New Jersey taxes? 

As more and more New Jerseyans are turning off Governor Murphy and tuning in to hear New York Governor Cuomo and President Trump’s press conferences, the only grandstanding going on is that of past-their-due-date political hacks trying to silence the constructive criticism shared by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of New Jerseyans dissatisfied with the Governor’s handling of the crisis. The only unforced error New Jerseyans, largely confined to their homes, could make would be to take for granted the idea that Governor Murphy has a plan to rebuild the economy and generate jobs the day after the pandemic begins to get under control. Golden and Arango may not have faith in the residents of our state, but the reality remains that when state government helps get supplies to the hospitals, residents are smart enough to give praise where praise is due. And when Governor Murphy advocates the creation of a statewide medical rationing board, destroys the right to protect oneself, frees convicts, and lets people needlessly worry about taxes, New Jerseyans are also intelligent enough – and justified – to levy well-deserved criticism. 

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