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Bergen County Installs New Encrypted Emergency Radio System

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Hackensack NJ, according to Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, the county has a new way for our first responders and municipal dispatchers to communicate with the County and other emergency organizations called “Bergen County Active Local Emergency Radio Talkgroup” (BC-ALERT).

Operated by the Bergen County Public Safety Operations Center’s Communications Division, the technology does not replace traditional broadcasts commonly available to the public on police radio scanners but, instead, provides first responders with a more secure alternative when they are communicating tactical or logistical information they do not want generally broadcast. The new technology will expedite communications and minimize loss of property and life.

2 thoughts on “Bergen County Installs New Encrypted Emergency Radio System

  1. Bergen county should take over Ridgewood‘s dispatched to.

  2. Bergen county cannot only take over Central dispatch, they should take over the water pollution, has anyone seen the water pollution building lately. The building is from 1930 come on it’s time to get out of the water pollution business who needs the responsibility. What is the perks of keeping it in-house. And for Ridgewood water to stay in the business why, it must be worth 50 million or more, look up much money they dumped into that business in the past few years we wonder what exactly price of what the Ridgewood water company is worth. And the village has no money, they just can’t keep on borrowing money it’s not gonna work it’s gonna explode in their face. Where the taxpayers can’t believe that the village has very little money in reserve they should have at least $10 million.

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