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Bergen County Parks System Adds 4 additional Volta Electric Vehicle-charging Stations

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Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco and the Board of County Commissioners announce that the Bergen County Parks System is now home to four additional Volta electric vehicle-charging stations. The new Level-2 EV chargers are located in the Ridgefield Park section of Overpeck County Park and offer visitors free public charging for up to two hours. The expansion comes at no expense to Bergen County taxpayers thanks to an existing public-private partnership between the County of Bergen and Volta. The additional charging stations more than double the County’s public charging capacity, which to date has already been utilized over 2,800 times, powering nearly 40,000 miles of free EV driving so far.

“Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and the County of Bergen is proud to support our residents who have already embraced the transition,” said Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco. “My administration remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing clean renewable energy and promoting sustainability. That is why we will continue to add electric vehicles to our county fleet and expand our EV charging footprint in our parks at every opportunity.”

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Volta Charging and offer electric vehicle charging at no cost to our residents,” said Bergen County Commissioner Chairman Steve Tanelli. “The new charging stations at Overpeck will not only serve to increase park visitation, but ensures that we continue to preserve our parks and open space for future generations to enjoy.”

7 thoughts on “Bergen County Parks System Adds 4 additional Volta Electric Vehicle-charging Stations

  1. “Electric” vehicles, that’s like saying my phone is electric.

  2. Keep an eye on the charging, the ones at Van Saun have a tendency to stop at the 45 minute point.

    And as an electric vehicle owner, I must say that they are very nice, but despite what the proponents say……….there is still no such thing as a free lunch………………

  3. Yes who’s paying for this, we the taxpayers. I don’t own a electric car,How much do they charge to boost up your battery on those cars,Just curious.Who knows maybe someday I will own one.

  4. Well, even at the highest tariffs, it cost less (to the user) than gas.

    The problem is that, like rebates on cars and the “free” thanksgiving turkey, the true costs will have to reveal themselves. There goes that free lunch……………………..that free lunch that folks assume will last forever.

    So, yes, right now and in many cases, it is the taxpayer who is paying for this.

  5. What’s going to happen when there is a natural disaster (hurricane, etc) and there is no power for 2 weeks?

    Electric cars are just expensive toys.

  6. for the sake of accuracy, call them what they are…coal powered cars
    unless you have a solar panel on the roof of the car its a bunch of feel-good bs like driving a prius
    those chinese coal powered factories make your batteries..
    electricity is generated by coal, oil, natural gas and clean nuclear…
    very little electric power is from windmills or solar

  7. “I don’t own a electric car,How much do they charge to boost up your battery on those cars”

    Well, it can cost nothing (for the end user) if you use the “free” chargers that soon will be going the way of all flesh unless they are used for promotional (related profit) purposes.

    If you charge at home, which will suit most folks with homes, it will run about 18 cents per kWh at regular PSE&G electric rates.

    You really only need to use the DC fast chargers if you do lots of miles all of the time, and they will run you 30-40 cents/kWh, still cheaper than gas.

    But again, these virtuous claims are made by EV proponents, not folks who understand economics and total costs of production/ownership. Yes, you feel good because YOU are not producing CO2 and other pollutants, but you are only the end user.

    I love my EV, but I know what goes on starting from harvesting the earth, to driving over it. The long sought after free lunch idea will always live, but the reality is that under the best of circumstances, you’ll be looking at a slight discount…….

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