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Bergen County Sets Goal to Have EV Charging Stations in Every County Park and at Every Public County Facility

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photos courtesy of Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco participated in the Bergen Volunteer Center’s Friday Forum “SUPERCHARGED” on the topic of electric vehicles. Transitioning away from combustion engines to alternative fuel vehicles (AFV’s) is an important step towards reducing emissions, yet, up until 2021, it was nearly impossible for counties and local municipalities to procure AFV’s including of hybrid, electric, hydrogen, and fuel cell vehicles through capital funds. Being a priority for my administration, our team at the County had been working with the Bergen legislative delegation since 2018 to change NJ fiscal bond law to allow these purchases just like any other SUV or truck and thankfully the change was signed into law last November.

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The County is leading several efforts working towards reaching 2030 EV goals by adding EV’s and EUV’s to our fleet and building out a robust network of charging stations for operational and public use. So far, the County has three EV’s and eleven charging stations on public lands. We are working towards doubling our fleet charging capacity in the next year and my administration is committed to eventually have charging stations in every county park and at every public County facility.


4 thoughts on “Bergen County Sets Goal to Have EV Charging Stations in Every County Park and at Every Public County Facility

  1. Yes, because this magical stuff called electricity just comes out of the air. Let’s not think how it really gets to these charging stations and all the materials and actual source as to how this electricity is made.

  2. Total waste of money.

    What’s next? Fake meat in every school lunchroom?

  3. gotta keep those coal powered cars charged

  4. Destroy the earth mining for Battery minerals.

    Woke, Virtue Signaling and Stupid is no way to go through life, son.

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