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Bergen’s James O’Keefe Takes Down the New York Times and CNN

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Wyckoff NJ, legacy media outfits have failed to mention a stunning opening victory that guerrilla the Bergen filmmaker James O’Keefe won last month in his libel suit against the New York Times.

O’Keefe sued after the Times wrote that his undercover video of a vote fraud ring linked to radical Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis was “deceptive” and represented “disinformation.”

O’Keefe performed a public service by doing real reporting in exposing the fraud, which is now under police investigation.

New York Supreme Court Justice Charles Wood ruled against the Times’s motion to dismiss O’Keefe’s lawsuit and found that Project Veritas had shown sufficient evidence that the Times might have been motivated by “actual malice” and acted with “reckless disregard” in its reporting.

Judge Wood noted that “the dictionary definitions of ‘disinformation’ and ‘deceptive’ provided by [the New York Times’] counsel … certainly apply to [Times reporters Maggie] Astor’s and [Tiffany] Hsu’s failure to note that they injected their opinions in news articles, as they now claim.”  The Times hasn’t helped its case by admitting that their reporters never contacted Project Veritas in reporting their story.

In the meanwhile the one man wrecking crew ,with his Project Veritas launched an embarrassing exposé of CNN showing secretly-recorded video of a CNN director, Charles Chester, boasting that his network produced “propaganda” aimed at defeating President Trump in the 2020 election. Chester was also caught on tape saying CNN played up the COVID-19 death toll for ratings and another video in which Chester admitted the network is “trying to help” Black Lives Matter.

The CNN videos were to much for the over biased Twitter  and O’Keefe was banned , but O’Keefe is vowing revenge on CNN and Twitter after ban and promises massive lawsuits .

11 thoughts on “Bergen’s James O’Keefe Takes Down the New York Times and CNN

  1. Love it…time to fight back.

  2. Expose them all James

  3. Great job. I did not know he was a local guy. It is a bit unbelievable that this story where he exposed CNN is not getting more coverage

  4. He has a lot more people to sue. Look at all these organizations that have conspired against o’keefe:

    His reporting doesn’t seem deceptive at all!

  5. Hope the failing NYT has the money to pay him. I love it!

  6. This should be front page news!!. It just shows how much dishonesty went on in that election! Kudos to that guy. If the judge ruled the other way it would have been on every news channel and in every newspaper. Kudos to an honest and upstanding judge who is not ruled by politics or favors.

  7. It’s amazing in the past year how many employees have been fired or resigned from CNN because of all the bullshit that’s going on there. News reporters are tired of lying over and over again when they know the truth. What a shame how politics runs CNN.

  8. Years ago local control the Ridgewood news.
    1——- board of Education
    2——— The women’s league
    3——— mayor and council
    4——— High profile donators.

    And now look the newspaper industry is barely surviving. Are used to enjoy reading the newspaper every day. Something about it is relaxing and interesting. Now everything is sent to your phone. If you don’t read it an hour later it’s gone.

  9. I agree this should be front page news. To bad the failing Bergen Record doesn’t publish such articles. Maybe they published this one I wouldn’t know just cancelled the the Bergen rag.

  10. Finally a revelation to truth and reality!

  11. Interesting how the major ‘platforms’ ‘deplatform’ Trump and conservatives, yet allow the agitators to post.
    They won’t allow the NY post story about the BLM woman who bought millions of real estate, but have no problem publishing the recent acquisitions by Avanka and Donald JR

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