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Professional And More Nature-friendly Solutions For Your Water Heating

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Water heating is essential for many of our daily chores. Whether it’s for taking a steamy bath or doing the dishes, heated water is needed in our daily lives. Ages ago, hot springs were used for this purpose but with technological advancements, new ways of water heating have been invented. While some of these ways are good for our planet, some aren’t. Burning fossil fuels to warm water is an outdated method that is still used today in developing countries, and such practice needs to be abolished because it’s doing more harm than good.

Heating water without harming our atmosphere is the main purpose of this discussion. The goal is to find alternative ways of providing for our needs without causing damage to our planet’s atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels isn’t the main solution to our problems, and below are some of the nature-friendly methods we can utilize to heat water. Many of these solutions can be found with a heating repair at KD Mechanical

1.Using a Heat Pump

Heat pumps have been marked as the number one alternative for heating water without harming the environment. These machines work somewhat like a refrigerator since the mechanism of a heat pump is more specifically a reverse-engineered mechanism of how a refrigerator works. Explore eco-friendly and efficient solutions for water heating with the advanced technology offered by Aquacal. Instead of taking the heat out like in the refrigerators, a heat pump absorbs the cold outside and heats the inside. There are two basic types of heat pumps:

 Air-Source Heat Pump

 Ground-Source Heat Pump

The use of heat pumps are cost-efficient and are being used across the world even today.

2.Using Heat Batteries

Heat batteries are a relatively new concept. The purpose of these batteries is to store the heat created by the heat pumps so they can be used for later purposes, and these stored heat can be used for instant hot showers or doing dishes with warm water. The concept of using heat batteries is readily used and is also very reliable. Heat batteries have an immense advantage as they can be used in the hour of need. You can use these batteries when you need them the most instead of 24/7 usage.

3.Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are by far the best choice both professionally and economically. Solar cells are used to trap the sunlight and convert them to energy. The converted energy is then used to warm your water, making it 100% eco-friendly. Solar water heaters just have a small drawback for the fact that these heaters depend upon the weather or climate. There may be immense sunlight in one day and no sunlight at all the next day. In winters, secondly, sunlight isn’t as easily available as it is in other weather, so the solar water heating device isn’t exactly reliable.

4.Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless heaters are a huge success. In the last 5-10 years, approximately 2 million units have been sold in the US alone. Tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot showers because they use burners which can generate much more heat than a normal tank heater. You should read more about tankless heaters and how they work. These heaters are also a little more expensive than tank-type heaters due to their installation and maintenance.

5.Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are also a feasible choice if you’re looking to save the environment and need heated water at the same time. These types of heaters may be better for the environment but keep in mind that they’re a tiny bit expensive than other heaters and have one major drawback. In case you’re out of electricity or have some maintenance problem, electric heaters won’t be of much help because they mainly use electricity to heat water. Other than that, an electric heater is a good device to use for fulfilling your needs.

6.Using a Sealed-Combustion Water Heater

These types of heaters don’t use air which is present in your home. A sealed-combustion water heater uses the air from the outside which minimizes carbon monoxide exposure to the inside, making them more reliable and eco-friendly. These types of water heaters aren’t exactly the greenest option available but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to save easy bucks.

7.Using a Hot Water Jacket

A hot water jacket is used for existing heaters. Installing this onto a heater will ensure that heat doesn’t escape from the heater, thus minimizing the energy used. The use of hot water jackets as an alternative to burning fossil fuels is a good step towards saving energy as well as the environment.

Every small step you take towards making Earth a better place is worth taking. It’s not a do-or-die situation, but going green is the feasible choice for the future. These small steps go a long way and it’s okay if you can’t do complete Green remodeling of your home. Every small step counts and ensuring that you’re playing your part in saving the environment is extremely important. Water heaters have been a major cause of our damaged atmosphere and new steps have been taken to ensure this problem is fixed. A lot of new and eco-friendly products are available in the market for you to choose from, giving you no further excuse to play your part in saving our planet.


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