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Calls Mount For Legislature to Investigate Murphy’s Unemployment Meltdown

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Trenton NJ,  Since Governor Murphy’s indefinite order to close New Jersey’s economy without any plan for re-opening it, the State has seen a record surge in unemployment claims. More than a million workers have applied for unemployment benefits in New Jersey, but hundreds of thousands of residents are still waiting, some as long as six weeks, for their checks. We’re past crisis point.

New Jersey families of all backgrounds are suffering. They need leaders who are kind hearted, not mean spirited, but Governor Murphy has been callous to criticisms of his Administration’s handling of unemployment claims. When he was questioned about his Labor Department’s abject failures, he told New Jersey’s unemployed that if they were unhappy, they could “go to another state”. Ouch.
Governor Murphy needs to show he has the temperament and real solutions to the unemployment crisis, not dismiss the more than one million New Jerseyans wanting answers. Even members of his own party are now publicly urging him to address New
Jersey’s unemployment pandemic.
The NJGOP and Chairman Doug Steinhardt are calling for the legislature to investigate the massive backlog of jobless claims.
“Governor Murphy won’t let you work, but he won’t give you support either, from an unemployment benefit system you’ve been overpaying into since the moment you set foot in New Jersey,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “The Governor’s mix of callousness and incompetence is unnerving. The NJGOP asks the legislature step in, investigate, and find a quick solution to put money in the hands of hungry families. We hope that Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Coughlin will act swiftly to support New Jersey where Governor Murphy and his Administration are failing.”

14 thoughts on “Calls Mount For Legislature to Investigate Murphy’s Unemployment Meltdown

  1. It’s Trump that’s the problem. We should all be tested, sheltering, and getting more financial help from Washington. The state that opened up are a disaster , 86, ooo deaths and climbing. Those state didn’t follow guidelines. Suck it up New Jersey because you know what; I am not disposable. I won’t be a statistic because people think it’s time. I’m with Gov. Murphy. Who is James?

    1. you can stay home and hide, New Jersey is facing economic collapse , my life will not stay on hold , grossly incompetently run states like NJ will not get bailed out

  2. That’s right…no bailout.
    Why would anyone bail us out anyway…
    Years of incompetence and union thuggery has finally caught up with NJ.
    To think that the state is exempt from bankruptcy is extremely short sited.
    New game. New rules.

  3. The argument lines are drawn: the healthy vs ppl with conditions, the small business owners vs remote-working professionals, the young vs the old, beta-males and risk averse ladies vs self-sufficient types, etc.

    All, relax and take a breath. 60% of us will get sick at some point or other. Lift the lockdown now. It was only accepted by populace on the assumption we urgently need to flatten the curve. That’s already accomplished.

    We live in a free society and individually decide what precautions to take. Even if you’re risk averse, you know deep down that the government can’t save you from Wuhan flu, no matter what the “experts” say. So Let’s all proceed with rebuilding our lives, our society and our nation as free people. You maybe pleasantly surprised by people’s ingenuity.

  4. “It’s Trump that’s the problem. “
    I was going to post this as a sarcastic joke…
    … Antonia beat me to it.
    (so i guess “It’s Bush’s fault” is officially dead??)

  5. You’re forgetting private sector vs. public sector workers, with their excessive benefits like early retirements in their fifties, six figure defined benefit pensions which are a Ponzi scheme (drawing pensions for more years than they actually served), 90% subsidized “platinum” healthcare benefits when private sector workers have to pay a huge premium for such plans, etc. The math doesn’t work!

    The unions – who’ve bought and paid for our legislators in Trenton – have negotiated with the state and municipalities in bad faith for decades to squeeze as much blood from taxpayers and rate payers as possible.

    Now that the chickens are coming home to roost, it’s clear that the once great state of NJ (and many of our municipalities) will be left with no choice but to declare bankruptcy to diminish some of these excessive benefits and liabilities. The Feds are not going to bail out NJ!

    You cannot just forever keep raising sales, gasoline and property taxes in NJ to fund defined benefit pensions for retired teachers and cops who moved to tax free states like Florida when the private sector citizens who are paying those taxes in NJ are losing their income and their livelihoods!

  6. NJ Leaders are incompetent at best , and probably led by Satan .

  7. There he is Charlie Kime the guy who had to move out of the country because his reputation is so bad no one would hire him here. This is the same guy who supports massive growth in the village. Thanks to him and the three Amigos we have a ginormous parking garage and multiple apartments being built. He was on Aronshon’s failed Financial Advisory Committee and he’s a Staunch Supporter of the X Mayor. He doesn’t live in the country any more but wastes his time commenting here about what should be happening in town.

  8. No doubt Governor Murphy is counting on COVID-19 being a “boomer remover” and wiping away some of his most obvious liabilities.

  9. Jimbo, how’s living tax free in Florida?

    Margaritaville on your six figure pension and free Viagra I’m sure 😉

    So do you keep in touch with FF Reilly and his family?

  10. Great reading by the way: Judge Menelaos W. Toskos’s comprehensive and thoughtful opinion of May 2, 2012.

  11. What people don’t know is that the State’s computers run on a COBOL programming, which hasn’t been used since the early 1980’s on the IBM mainframes. When they go down, they can find anyone who can fix them. The State has not upgraded its systems for almost 40 years. When they are working, they can process information at less than 20% of commonly used systems.

  12. Patrick.. many firms, including Fortune 500 companies, continue to use COBOL on mainframes. It’s not as rare as people make it out to be. As many programmers are older, they also command a nice day rate.

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