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Candidate Paul Vagianos Promotes More Urbanization for Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Urbanization it is predominantly the process by which towns and cities are formed and become larger as more people begin living and working in central areas.

When asked about the possibility of a park on the former “Town Garage ” candidate Paul Vagianos , the  past president of the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Village’s Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC).  He owns and operates the It’s Greek to Me restaurant on East Ridgewood Avenue and owns a commercial property on South Broad Street that houses the Pearl restaurant said , “Putting a park there in that space is such a terrible use of that space.  Pave over it and put parking meters there.”

Mr. Vagianos clearly sees the Village of Ridgewood as a “Gravy Train” and the gravy is massive development starting in the Village of Ridgewood Central Business district . Build like crazy ignore and downplay the community impact and stick the taxpayer with the bill.

At Monday night’s BOE meeting, Ridgewood Public Schools Superintendent Thomas Gorman told Board members that there are sixteen (16) previously unenrolled students living in the three (3) already open high density buildings.  One (1) building is still under construction.

Had provisions been made for new students pouring into the Ridgewood Schools district and proper planning introduced into the development process new student absorption would be a non issue  .

The fact is the over building will force the Ridgewood school district to add space to the school system  and everyone knew it ,yet no one dared admit it . Both police and fire budgets will have to increased do to added public safety demands . Road work will also be required to adjust for the added vehicle and pedestrian traffic . Sewage systems expanded and of course , water . The Village had suffered under water restrictions since the Ridgewood blog was born with little to no end in sight, and adding 300 plus unites to downtown could only make this worse.






14 thoughts on “Candidate Paul Vagianos Promotes More Urbanization for Ridgewood

  1. Vagianos is simply the most self serving candidate in Ridgewood’s history.

  2. Despicable.

    We got into this mess because Keith K lost by 7 votes.

  3. I refuse to eat at his restaurant. Used to go there at least once a week. After the 2020 election I don’t support anyone who voted for the idiots running this country.

  4. It’s like Ridgewood’s own Pandora Papers. Vagianos and his Progress Ridgewood group…“Wielding power through the political class to make money from working populations to fund more power grabs for themselves – and the political class.”

  5. If you want to find Paul V these days, just stop by Gottheimer’s campaign office, just like last time. That will tell you all you need to know.

  6. “Vagianos is simply the most self serving candidate in Ridgewood’s history”

    Well said and I could not agree more.

  7. I don’t care if you like the other candidate or not, she’s always down what she says she will and just keeps on going.
    We have to get out and vote on 11/2 and keep this guy out of the mix.
    There’s no excuse for him winning by 7 votes.

  8. I bet his backers are wondering why the heck they picked him and dissed melanie right about now.
    Going to be interesting if he loses and the people she helped for all of those years have to make an excuse for why they didn’t back her.
    I hope her memory is long.
    What a mess.


    Read this if you want to see how far back Vagianos’ plans for turning Ridgewood into a city go. Believe you me, if Vagianos gets elected, we will have so much more development going on in the downtown. It will make your head spin. And he stands to gain gain gain. He is a significant property owner in the downtown, and his rent can go up.

    Melanie on the other hand has nothing personal to gain. She just wants to help the town. The town she grew up in and is raising her children in ..

  10. That Patch article sounds like a strong vision for CBD rebirth to me.

  11. I like pissing him off going in there asking for chicken fingers.

  12. Seven votes……

  13. Pink…REALLY.

  14. He’s not worried.
    He will be elected,
    because in Ridgewood,
    We are….

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