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Car Takes Out Utility Pole on West Ridgewood Avenue

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The adult female driver of a BMW sedan sustained non life threatening injuries during a Friday morning, 04/03, crash in which a utility pole was severed near 60 West Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood. The victim was transported by a Ridgewood EMS ambulance to The Valley Hospital. Ridgewood Police, Ridgewood Fire Department, and Ridgewood Emergency Services also responded to the incident. The crash forced the closure of a portion of West Ridgewood Avenue for several hours while utility crews worked to restore services.


4 thoughts on “Car Takes Out Utility Pole on West Ridgewood Avenue

  1. Seriously how fast does a car need to be going to take out a pole like that? So many 1 car accidents. We will not know if this was medical related but feels like a speed and /or texting while driving issue to me. Speeding is out of control on N Monroe. With fewer cars on the road it like like open season for landscaping turks to go 45mph. How about some enforcement?

  2. my suggestion is you slow down and get off your phone !

  3. Even at 25, you would take out a utility pole if you struck it without any breaking. My guess here is total distraction caused by cell phone use.

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