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Critics Claim Debris build up is Contributing to local Flooding and Property Damage in the Village of Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ,  a  massive debris jam reported in the Saddle River near Maxwell Place and James Street in Ridgewood . The NJDEP , Bergen County  and the Village have come under increasing criticism over debris build up in local water ways , including the Ho-Ho-Kus brook and  Saddle River.  Critics claim the debris build up is contributing to local flooding and property damage .

Recent storms and the flooding that followed has focused attention the need to mitigate jammed waterways . Village of Ridgewood has the following  rivers , brooks and creeks ; Goffle Brook , Glen Brook , Diamond Brook , Zabriskie Brook, Ho-Ho-Kus Brook , Sprout Brook and Saddle River all  seem in need of a serious clean up .

At Monday nights Board of Education Meeting , Dr. Gorman responded to public comments pertaining to damage to the school athletic fields as a result of the recent flooding.

Click here to view the webcast and scroll to 3:22:45 for this portion of the meeting.

7 thoughts on “Critics Claim Debris build up is Contributing to local Flooding and Property Damage in the Village of Ridgewood

  1. I saw that build-up of garbage the other day on a bike ride. The fallen trees across the river make a perfect natural “filter” that collects all the trash in one place — which should make it easy for a dump truck to pull up alongside it on the path and haul it away.

  2. Water finds it’s own level.

  3. The county needs to do more maintenance on the brooks. It’s their Responsibility.

  4. And the roads….

  5. And for some of the residents that clean up their lawn and just blow everything into the brook is ridiculous, and how many residents store firewood and rotten debris right on the edge of the Brooke come on wake up my fellow residents. Do your part two. Stop being lazy.

  6. You know it’s been many many years that the Brooke has been professionally Dredged, what about twine pond needs to be dredged, and the pond up on Hillcrest needs a good dredging it’s a mosquito pit.

  7. Houston we have a problem .

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