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Death Toll Continues to Rise: 3 More Whales Wash Ashore in the Tristate Area

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Long Branch, NJ, Recently three more deceased right Whales came to rest on area beaches. Two in NY waters and one on the beach in Long Branch, NJ. Bringing the total to 14 whales since January of
this year in our area. The total in all 2022 was 10 according to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center which keeps track of such occurrences.

“Our governor just brushes off the demise of these majestic animals by refusing to accept that the wind energy projects mapping the ocean floor could have possibly caused the beaching,”
stated Assembly candidate Patricia Quattrocchi, Clark.

“It stands to reason that excessive noise made by equipment mapping the ocean floor could interfere with the animals hearing causing them to become confused,” commented
candidate Lisa Fabrizio, Linden.

Fabrizio and Quattrocchi pointed out that according to the Cape May Herald; the commissioner of the NJ Dept. Of Environmental Protection had some strong words about the
recent death of the whale at Long Branch. Shawn LaTourette wrote on @shawnlatur: “As someone long committed to protecting our environment and now constitutionally obligated to
ensure its good care, the uptick in whale deaths since 2016 is heartbreaking. But let’s also be clear: there is no legitimate evidence that offshore wind development is the cause. None.” The
candidates agreed that Mr. LaTourette is not doing a very good job of protecting the environment.

Author and environmental policy expert Michael Shellenberger says his new documentary “Thrown to the Wind” reveals the link between offshore wind turbines and increased whale
deaths. He is in conversations with members of Congress about holding hearings on this issue. Mr. Shellenberger has called the sonar mapping for wind farms the biggest environmental
scandal in 30 years.

***It is necessary to note that according to multiple sources the average number of beaching incidences under normal circumstances is 9 per year ‘Thrown To The Wind’
Documentary Exposes Government Destruction Of Marine Habitat.

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