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Democratic National Convention Does Not Offer Role to Only Non White Delegate Winner

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, some things never change, Representative Tulsi Gabbard confirmed via Twitter on Thursday that she was not invited to participate in the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Of the seven Democratic candidates who earned delegates during the presidential primaries, Gabbard was the only one not offered a speaking slot during the four-night event.

9 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention Does Not Offer Role to Only Non White Delegate Winner

  1. Tulsi is hated within her own party…

  2. Every family has flaky relatives and there were a limited number of speakers.

    Democratic convention represented all Americans. GOP will have trump family and couple that drew weapons at passing protesters. trump’s America

  3. Also, the DNC was designed to appeal to never-trump Republicans and independents. Its speakers of color are either the most milquetoast ones possible (Kamala, despite frantic accusations of marxism and other similar delusions posted here and throughout the right wing media) or ones like AOC who was given a scant minute to do the procedural noting of Sanders as the candidate.

    Among the US “left”, those folks have already decided to vote for Biden or no one at all — the DNC was not changing that, because people on the *real* left know that the mainstream “left” is really the center and will not help people of color (or poor people, or workers, or anyone that would actually benefit from far left policies) too much at all. The problem with the DNC is that they overestimate how many never-trumpers/independents will step into that voting booth and actually pull a lever for Biden — it ain’t happening, and we will get 4 more years of the Trump grift.


  4. Well, EVERYONE knows that The Democrat party is the party of Racism.

    It’s Settled Science.

  5. James – why didn’t you post my last comment about Lee Atwater? Was hoping this site would be one of those free speech-embracing ones the right always blathers on about. Oh well, I guess I’ll go back to the abma’s farm post and continue to anonymously call teenage girls fat cows and calling for tarring and feathering — unsurprisingly that kind of speech is 100% unmoderated.

    1. need to find the link,thank you very much , many things are not published your local police department can explain it to you , generally repetitive comments , misinformation , some things are too stupid , some things are held for a later date or used for a post ,some people are trolls , sometimes there are delays because the administrators are busy , some things are held for law enforcement issues , and there are many other one off reasons something will not get published ,including cheating spouses . Comments often reflect your comments and behavior , so if you are like a jerk ie break into a farm and harass defenseless animals you will be treated like the POS you are .

  6. Link to what? The atwater interview? wikipedia has it ( and this was one of their cited sources (

    Regardless, it is simply a well-known piece of US history and why it is laughable when the right calls the democratic party the “party of racism”. Again I agree that Democrat policies have often run counter to civil rights but come the f&*^ on.

    1. slavery , Jim crow , Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson, might have something to do with it , fyi Lee was very outspoken about everything

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