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Democrats Play the Blame Game while Accepting Campaign Contributions Promoting Russian Oil Pipelines

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Washington Dc, when Democrat policies are a total failure and  drive up oil prices , democrat politicians line up and play the blame game. First you denie it, then then you blame a foreign boogie man and claim any one that disagrees is promoting propaganda and then when all else fails you blame oil companies . Be it shutting down the Keystone Pipeline or curtailing oil exploration on Federal land it is democrat policies that have pushed oil prices higher.

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Worse yet while our NJ Representatives were voting to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, they were accepting  campaign contributions from a lobby firm promoting the Russian to Europe pipeline called Nord Stream 2 thereby giving away leverage to Vladimir Putin  in his invasion of the Ukraine .

Democratic Representatives Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, Andy Kim and our own Josh Gottheimer along with U.S. Senator Bob Menendez  all accepted donations from a Nord Stream 2 lobbyist.




3 thoughts on “Democrats Play the Blame Game while Accepting Campaign Contributions Promoting Russian Oil Pipelines

  1. THIS is what they do.

    You can’t change them, you can only replace them.

  2. And this is why they control most of the news media. The Dem voters are absolutely unaware of this stuff because it’s completely off their radar.

  3. Even the ultra liberal Washington Post recently said “Biden and Democrat leaders want us to blame Putin for inflation but Americans (most) aren’t stupid. We know that gasoline prices were heading out of control months before Putin invaded Ukraine because Biden shut down the US oil industry on his first day in office. And inflation was not “transitory” as Democrats tried to make us believe back in June but by October they said oops! Guess inflation isn’t transitory after all.”

    And here we have nearly $5 a gallon gasoline, inflation at nearly 8 percent (and projected to climb to a wallet busting 11 percent before long), severely weakened buying power (bought groceries lately?) but all the Democrats keep rattling around about is racial justice (BLM garbage that people are fed up hearing about) and trashing parents who take an interest in the crap their children are being indoctrinated with in public school (teacher’s unions stink).

    Vote every Democrat out of office November 2022 or become poor and become controlled by a bunch of progressive goofballs who couldn’t even manage a hot dog stand.

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