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Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli’s ordinance regarding video taping at public meetings a non issue for Residents

Rkidgewood Village Council Meeting

file photo by Boyd Loving

April 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ordinance 3523 , known as Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli’s ordinance regarding video taping at public meetings.Has brought about some discussion as the proper wording and ordinance and whether is relevant .
If you remember the ordinance was introduced after the Deputy Mayor made threats to residents during a public meeting and resident Dana Glazer was threaten and harassed at a council meeting by another resident.

Ellie Gruber stated in Public Comment during the April 13th Village Council meeting ,that she was against the ordinance in general as it is not enforceable and it addresses a non issue since all public meetings are in the public domain and can be shared on social media, etc.

But more importantly let’s not forget that the video ordinance is being pushed because Aronsohn was caught on video acting badly and lying at the HPC meeting. He wasn’t set up, he was not even suppose to be at that meeting but came to intimidate residents who were questioning the HPC on their support of a garage 12 feet on the street before the November vote, whereas Paul, et al. did not disclose the 12 foot floor plan to the HPC. Not, because members were upset that it wasn’t announced.

9 thoughts on “Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli’s ordinance regarding video taping at public meetings a non issue for Residents

  1. Yes, Aronsohn behaved horribly at the HPC meeting and it was caught on tape LEGALLY. Man oh man did Aronsohn look bad. So what does cry baby do? He calls in his toupee’ed friend Pucciarelli to make a law to prevent such taping. And wow, did Pucciarelli ever rise to the task! Puke is so hot under the collar about this. So worried that someone in such a meeting might mention “a son’s soccer game” or “I like your haircut” (yes, folks, these are the things that Puke does not want people to catch on tape). So in order to prevent someone from being taped without knowing it saying something they should not say(or something no one cares about) a new law is being created. Mind you, this is all blullshit. These meetings can be taped and they should be taped. So much effort has been put into this stupid ordinance, it is embarrassing.

  2. It just looks so bad when government officials try to keep things from becoming public. Did any of our Council majority ever take a history class?

  3. Council to the public FU!

  4. It’s me again, people. I do not share the deputy mayor’s vision for Ridgewood. I am on the opposite side of everything he fought for, but…… if I were at a Ridgewood art show,the deputy mayor’s example at Wed. town meeting, and I made a negative remark about a friend’s painting, and it was picked up on a recording, I would be very embarrassed.

    What is the problem about someone announcing they are going to audio and visually record a meeting. I think it is a good idea. We live in an age of new technology and although it has benefits it also has negatives. It would be to all of our benefits to minimize the negatives. Oy Got.

  5. No 10:16 but they will be history in July.

  6. These three have made our town look bad in so many ways. Thank GOD their days are numbered.

  7. Dear Diane, the problem is this ordinance cannot be enforced and Albert is speaking to public committee meetings. I too hope everything I say won’t be made public but I try to act like it will! It is all just that more interesting when a public official,says something nutty or behaves inappropriately.

  8. deals deals deals,

  9. Albert is such a wonderfully intelligent leader.


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