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Doblin Out at the Record


march 2,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Alfred Doblin is out at the Bergen Record . He either quit or was forced out. Nancy Meyer also left on Monday . It looks like a big shake once again at the failing daily . Ridgewood residents may remember Doblin for attempting to interject his bigoted opinion in the Ridgewood “Rainbow Flag” controversy . Doublin along with the “Community Relations Advisory Board of Ridgewood and Glen Rock” and Councilmen Jeff Voigt called the mayor Susan Knudsen a Homophobe because she dared to attempt to figure out what the law was and would not fall for the bullying attempt by the group.

The group pursued its bigoted agenda and pushed both Glen Rock and Ridgewood into displaying its “white only” bigoted rainbow flag . According to the group ,”Black Lives Matter ” flag installed in Ridgewood and Glen Rock is the racist white only rainbow flag . The new multi cultural rainbow flag includes black and brown stripes. “The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community,” said one source involved with the flag-raising event who asked not to be named. “With all of the black and brown activism that’s worked to address racism in the Gayborhood over the past year, I think the new flag is a great step for the city to show the world that they’re working toward fully supporting all members of our community.”

Doublin and his race baiting friends at the Community Relations Advisory Board of Ridgewood and Glen Rock are fully unaware of their major faux paus on this issue. ( )

Doblin even doubled down on attacks and character assassinations of Ridgewood Mayor Susan Kundsen . Alfred P. Doblin is the editorial page editor of The Bergen Record. In his latest column he once again praises Councilmen Voigt and goes on the offensive against the Mayor. Doblin continues to cling to the silly fallacy his editorial led to the flying of the rainbow ie gay pride flag at Ridgewood’s Van Nest square . ( ) .

This character attack led OPRA requests flying and many attacks as well as counter attacks between the Mayor, her supporters, Doublin and councilmen Voigt ,some of it even being settled in Bergen County court.

19 thoughts on “Doblin Out at the Record

  1. This new generation is not buying newspapers, if it wasn’t for the advertising the newspaper industry is done. Everyone is online. And have the stories are all horseshit

  2. Doblin got caught with his lips attached to the Senate Presidents ass.

  3. Doblin was another puppet of Paul Aronsohn.

  4. Doblin was the worst of the worst. And Jeff Voigt had him on speed dial. Whatcha gonna do now Jeffie-Boy, with your connection to the press severed?

  5. Happy day! I could not stand his smugness.

  6. 12:32, don’t you worry about Jeffie Boy. He has Nicolas Katzban in his back pocket.

  7. Doblin was the lowest of the low. And oh how pissed off he was when people OPRA’ed his emails with Jeff Voigt and revealed that both of them are pond scum.

  8. I thought he was going to work for sweeney

  9. Out of touch with his readership….

    1. I thought he was very in touch, the Record has long been to known for journalist malpractice and ultra far left politics , unfortunately that is most of the readership for the last 20 years

  10. 11:14 – 70% of the NY Times’ revenue comes from subscriptions….I thought that was surprising.

    But it still lost $58MM last year.

  11. I just read his bio; he is an award winning journalist; important awards; I just wonder if he is going on to bigger and better things; more pay and prestige. I enjoyed his columns. But I am not a reader who expects or necessarily wants to agree with everything a columnist writes. I enjoy thinking about another viewpoint from mine. I thought he was very good.

    Remember that Record reporter who used to cover Ridgewood and other Bergen County towns and he got a job with People magazine or some national magazine if I,remember correctly. Perhaps Doblin is going on to bigger things.

  12. He’s a puppet of the democrats.
    Never trust a liberal with a beard

  13. I saw Paul A texting tonight at the Y….

  14. There’s an article in The Post about this with some more detail.

  15. Yep, he got the job for Sweeney. And now he can work with Paul Aronsohn. One big hotbed of shit.

  16. Finally finish hopefully normal maybe??

  17. Another Chapter of the Failed Borg Family Legacy… Progressive Liberal Lies can not sustain themselves.
    Good Riddance!

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