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Factors To Consider When Bringing Your Furry Friend On Holiday Vacation

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Most trips tend to be fun when they are in the company of a pet. The vacation might be stressful for the pet, but provided that you are organized during the preparation; the trip could end up being enjoyable. When planning for that vacation with the pet, you need to do more than just loading the animal at the back seat. You need to consider these factors when preparing that pet for the dream vacation.

1.      The Holiday Destination

You must consider a perfect holiday destination that suits your family and pet. When selecting the destination, there are factors such as weather patterns, availability of recreational facilities, and the policy that accommodation services and hotels have on housing pets. When searching for accommodation services, you will realize that some hotels do not allow dogs or other pets around their premises. However, the experts at suggest that you should find a cottage that welcomes pets, especially dogs if they are allowed in the hotel. This way, you will explore all regions of your dream destination without having any restrictions.

2.  Crate Or Carrier

You need to place that pet in an adequately ventilated carrier or container when traveling. There are numerous hard plastics, wire mesh, or soft-sided carriers that you can always consider for housing that cat or dog. Whatever your choice, ensure that it’s large enough to enable your pet to sit, stand, lie, or play around. It would be essential to acclimatize the pet with the carrier at home before the start of the trip.

3.  Pets Travelling Kit

The travel kit might trouble you, but you no longer need to worry. Ensure that you have a bowl, enough food, travel papers, a waste scoop, grooming supplies, the pet’s first aid kit, medication, and a pillow to ensure that the pet remains comfortable at all times.

4.  Prepping

It would be necessary that you gear up for the trip, and you can always achieve this by taking out the pet through a series of drives that would prepare that cat for the time that it would spend in the car. Besides, ensure that you secure the carrier such that it never sways in the event of an unprecedented stop.

5.  Breathing And Altitude

Most tourists who travel using planes are often worried about their possibility of administering oxygen to their pets should the aircraft be flown at high altitudes. In case you fly with your pet, design your pet’s gas mask. If you have old pets, it would be appropriate to avoid high altitudes or travel by car. Always consult your vet since they know the pet’s risk, and they would advise you on the proper travel means.

6.  Pet Medication

When traveling between states, always carry a rabies vaccination record since some states will need proof that the pet is safe. The documents might not be necessary, but you must be on the safe side. Besides, carry some tap water or bottled water that you can always offer to your furry friend. Remember that unfamiliar water might upset your pet’s tummy.

In some cases, you should consider sedating that pet, especially when it is prone to motion sickness. The situation could get worse when the journey begins but always consult the vet to prescribe the best dosage and offer the pet the right medication.

7.  Hearing Aids

Most travelers tend to be worried about protecting the pet’s hearing owing to the loud noise during the flight or when traveling by car. Consider placing cotton in the pet’s ears to prevent the effects of loud noise. Cotton might, however, get tangled in your pet’s ears and cause complications; therefore, the best option would be to use pillow foam. The foam is similar to earplugs, and it can never get stuck in your pet’s ears. It would also be ideal that the pilot descends gradually and offers the pet a treat during the period to help their ears pop, thus minimizing hearing discomfort.

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