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UPDATE: Federal Agents Raid Ridgewood Home

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Federal agents including the FBI let an early morning raid against a Ridgewood  home on Frederick Street on Tuesday . The resident owns a New York Art Galley and there are unconfirmed reports that the raid had something to do with ancient artwork form the middle east .

UPDATE from resident Boyd Loving : Federal agents executed search warrants at a single family home in the 600 block of Frederick Street, Ridgewood on Tuesday morning, 09/22. Media reports indicated that the raid may have been related to a criminal matter involving illegal, forged, and/or stolen artwork. Numerous agents were observed entering the home and exiting with file storage boxes, large envelopes, and wheeled picnic coolers (assumed to contain seized documents). Frederick Street was lined with a variety of motor vehicles operated by law enforcement officers. Neighbors stood in disbelief as the agents carried out their work.




9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Federal Agents Raid Ridgewood Home

  1. Should’ve raided local BLM /antifa headquarters instead. More value for an average American instead of the rich who buy middle eastern art.

    1. selling stolen antiquities is a big deal

  2. “Should’ve raided local BLM /antifa headquarters instead”

    Yes, a thing that totally exists.

  3. That dude in the black shirt isn’t covering his nose… obviously doesn’t understand science.

  4. Yeah he should be find like the coaches on the NFL. But of course not he’s a cop. Right bro

  5. Supposedly the Turkish Police were somehow involved or tipped off US authorities per another article floating around out there. I get that stolen antiquities is a big deal and we should not permit or set any precedent that it is OK to profit off theft. Maybe this is just me but should the US be spending so much of our feds time, money and resources on this? Drive down the street and you’ll immediately see that this was probably a multi-year multi million dollar operation by the FBI. Honest question, I’m not sure… does the Turkish government or any of the countries of which have interest in the artwork reimburse the US and/or fund any of these operations? As a bystander I can’t help but wonder why our US federal law enforcement agency is spending so many resources on this. But I don’t know the full story, who knows how/if other Americans were impacted. I guess at first glance my thought is I’d like to see the FBI spending time on other things (drugs, illegal weapons, sex trafficking). Even theft of consumer items since those losses are ultimately accounted for in pricing and impact the consumer. But in this case I feel like it’s such a unique, small market… we’re disrupting the high-end art and antiquities business, meaning the multi millionaires and billionaires in NYC and other areas will have to find another place to get their art fix. IDK I’m happy we’re setting the precedent that in this country you need to play by the rules, but at the same time I wonder why so many resources… anyone feel the same way or am I way off?

  6. Why didn’t Indiana Jones get arrested ?

  7. Because he was a fictional character?

  8. @Taxed Enough Already

    The U.S. Federal Government is the ultimate Ponzi scheme (ironic, isn’t it?). We, the taxpayers, fund the government with high (and rising) taxes. And, the government spends WHATEVER IT WANTS to carry out “important operations” like this one.

    I wasn’t at the scene, but I can only imagine that dozens of government employees took part in this. Really? How about 2-3 people work on this matter and let the other government employees work on other matters like, say, preventing the next terrorist attack. That’s kind of how I would like my tax dollars to be spent. Why? Because a terrorist attack can kill me. Stolen artwork can’t kill me (well maybe it can financially).

    Here’s another idea: run the government like a business. Do more with less. Fire people and let the remaining employees (who have a pretty good gig, by the way) fight it out – just like in the private sector. This will virtually ensure efficiency and lower our already high taxes.

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