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FLASH: Major Ridgewood landlord gave $2,000 to Richard Brooks’ Campaign

Village Council election signs

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June 8,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Jane Milanos, owner of Milridge Realty LCC, a major property owner within the RIdgewood Central Business District, gave $2,000 to the Richard Brooks for Council campaign according to records filed with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Milridge Realty is headquartered at 35 Park Street, Tenafly, NJ, the same address as was reported on the below noted document.

The most recent post election related report filed by Janice Willett shows no contributions received from outside sources and Evan Weitz has not yet filed a post election report.

21 thoughts on “FLASH: Major Ridgewood landlord gave $2,000 to Richard Brooks’ Campaign

  1. Does this mean that if Jane Milanos ever goes before the Planning Board with a proposal, Gail Price and her firm need to step aside for those hearings?

  2. Brooks lists his employer as “Ridgewood Board of Education” but I can find no record of his employment there posted in any on line database. What does he do for the Board?

  3. What CRR members donated to incoming Council members? The fly wants to know.

  4. Does the board of Ed pay him salary?

  5. A full page ad DOES not cost $1741 in Ridgewood News. Also that ad was listed as paid for by Brooks, Weitz and willet. So how is he showing an expense of 1741$?
    Even if they charged a little higher on the election day, did willet and Weitz not contribute towards that ad?

  6. Many residents donated to CRR and gave campaign donations. None of us are married to Gail Price or to Richard Brooks and neither are any of the three who got elected!

  7. That would buy quite a few signs I guess. Lord knows there were plenty of them…one in every (flower)pot, as the saying goes.

  8. Evan Weitz is showing over 10k in expenses, and in the contribution section, it just shows 1250-self funded.
    His Ridgewood News contribution shows 3000.??

  9. Milridge owns some serious property in town. From the Bubble Tea Shop on Maple Ave., to Fox’s which includes the large parking lot in the rear. They also from the Daily Treat to the discount drug, and the decent parking lot in the rear once again.

  10. He is a substitute teacher and HS lacrosse coach

  11. Fron the Patch “Milanos, who owns some of downtown Ridgewood’s most valuable properties”……

  12. Isn’t this signed election document supposed to show all income and expense?

    Isn’t Weiss obligated to list All sources of income over $300?

  13. Milanos was clearly trying to buy a candidate that would support the huge garage. And a candidate whose spouse works for the planning board. Can you spell conflict????

  14. Mr. Brooks is a nice guy but many aspects of his candidacy were not well thought out – including his wife’s firing off some saucy Facebook posts during the campaign. If nothing else, her husband’s candidacy resulted in Ms. Price’s finally coming out as pro-Valley – something we all suspected but never knew for sure.

  15. Ridgewood continues to slide into the cesspool.
    Lets hop e the pretty trees don’t die or we will lose everything.

  16. 5:23 “suspected?” She did everything but actually say,”I’m pro-Valley.!”

  17. The CRR’s website is – they’re the exact opposite, so the election came down to pro vs. anti-Valley and pro vs. anti-development, pure and simple.

  18. Prices’s comments through the years will come to light soon or on appeal. Shame , Shame, Shame

    Thank goodness, for CRR and the intelligent people advising them in the Wood.

    Audrey, enough already…time to build on all that Paramus property you have for plan B. Yes, the Drill Sergeant Lawyer and Judge look good today. What you expect to happen will NOT

  19. Gail Price and Richard Brooks brought the last election to a new low. Thank god they lost, but still, their comments and actions were reprehensible.

  20. Weitz must have been too busy to prepare the ELEC filing correctly.
    Doesn’t he have a job in compliance?

  21. That was a big contribution from a. Tenafly resident.

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