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Generators at the Habernickel Gate House Spark Outrage with Readers as Residents Go Without Power


“Generators have been placed at the Habernickel Gate House to avoid taxpayer funding of costly repairs resulting from frozen pipes, water heaters etc.”

Huh? Really? How many “generators” were placed at the facility? Is the temperature in the house being kept at just above freezing, or is it business as usual for the Healthbarn people? Are Healthbarn’s classes being allowed to continue despite the road conditions in the area? Why wasn’t the water just drained so the pipes don’t freeze? A weak excuse at best Mayor.

CONFIRMATION!!!! Mayor Knudsen just posted on FaceBook… “generators (plural) placed at the Gate House will prevent damage from frozen pipes, water heaters, etc. The Village is the property owners and costly repairs would be borne by Ridgewood taxpayers.

I just lost all respect for the Village employees who think it’s ok to put a business run by a non resident ahead of tax payers. No matter what they could possibly say they could never justify hooking up a generator so a for profit business can run while surrounding homes & families are suffering. What Hillcrest doesn’t need is more traffic being rerouted just to get to a Healthbarn class or party. If they want to protect the house against pipes freezing then no tenants should be in it. That’s not the case she came during the storm looked like she spent the night (violation against her lease) was at the house today. Neighbors are also at risk of pipes freezing & we are very worried but no clean up happening. It took 2 village trucks to hook the generator up while that was going on I had to be rerouted just to go 1 mile. The village employees that were at the gatehouse could of been picking up branches or trimming hanging branches from trees that would of been a better use of tax payer dollars.

Wake up Ridgewood Residents. There are SEVERAL improvements being done at this house – without increasing the rent.
The rent was set at a price based on certain condition of the house. Since it was rented MULTIPLE improvements was done – and they are HIDDEN in different budget codes (some from parks and recs, some from open space, some in capital improvement), so no one can track them.
All these expenses should have caused a rent increased. Also watch out in spring and summer – she is going to put out a tent EVERY DAY and occupy the park land and the play area.

13 thoughts on “Generators at the Habernickel Gate House Spark Outrage with Readers as Residents Go Without Power

  1. Makes no sense.

  2. Why let Healthbarn succeed when tax payers are suffering in the cold. When did the gate house become a b&b for its tenants?

  3. OK since these generators at his house, I can bring my family over and get warmed up. Or does the village have another spot for us to go and warm up my cover missing alle OK since these generators at his house, I can bring my family over and get warmed up. Or does the village have another spot for us to go and warm up Unlike other towns have. Thank you

  4. So disappointed in our village leadership. People with real empathy for the struggle fellow villagers (and voters) are having this week would have taken this opportunity to use the generators to make a warming / charging house for the local residents. Remember the NYC marathon lady after Sandy who claimed the generators wouldn’t make a difference?

  5. Just wait for it: any minute now we’re going to hear a heartfelt sugary sweet explanation that “All of those things were considered but Stacie Antienne vetoed them” which will be completely made up fictional BS. Mayor the buck stops somewhere and if you had taken a minute and a half to have a positive relationship wth Healthbarn you would have been able to make something good happen for your neighbors that were cold and in the dark for days. But instead your poisonous personal relationships eliminated that possibility. #SelfServingSusan

  6. People can you say dirty dirty dirty, this village is filthy and dirty dirty politics from the top down. They think we are stupid,

  7. @10:51. Disagree. The self serving people were the past council that put her there. They did a favor for the past village manager Roberta’s Friend. Changed it from residence to educational/ rec and plopped a for profit business in the middle of a park without going thru the proper protocol. Tried to pull one over on the neighbors…but they were caught. Stalling the healthbarn Use of the gatehouse from sept until April.

    Then let her use the stable…did she rent the stable? Who knows

    The only reason Susan’s relationship MAY be tainted with the owner is because from the start she had QUESTiONS of how this would impact the neighbors…she tried to look out for them!!! But as usual was over run by the nightmare trio. #threeamigos

  8. Does anyone know where we can see the terms of the Healthbarn lease? If so, please post it here. I’m sure that Stacy Antine are in violation of SOMETHING in that lease. Let’s move for lease termination and throw her out in the cold!

  9. Looks like the same five people feel left out, making up stories and exaggerating. They pay rent unlike some of the other RW owned property and they spent their own money helping to fix a piece of property owned by RWb saving Ridgewood. You guys are lost in your own demise

  10. You can OPRA the Healthbarn lease. And of course Jeff Voigt will try to stop the OPRA from being fulfilled.

  11. I know that Susan, in the beginning, was concerned about the residents in that area, but not enough to have our town lawyer look up the conditions of her lease and then boot her. And she certainly is NOT considering her literally powerless neighbors when she has an unknown number of generators rushed to the house (at probably overtime rates for the 2 Village trucks and employees) on the totally unreal need of “frozen pipes”. She didn’t consider that but wanted to get Stacy open again by Monday so she could continue abusing the neighbors’ rights. James, your take it easy on the council message obviously assumed that they were actively working on some of Ridgewood’s needs. How do you explain the rush to supply unneeded (except to be open for business) generators to Health barn while the neighbors still suffered without any power? I think that shows that Susan (with or without the other council members knowledge) put Stacy’s needs before any Ridgewood resident.

  12. @10:15. She was open Saturday BEFORE any power was restored to Hillcrest rd. She had a large birthday party where I am sure she made a pretty penny as neighbors huddled their own children under blankets and froze while their tax dollars paid for the generators, the employees who got them up and running and I am sure the gas.

    And no matter who did it or allowed it PlEase remember the only reason this nightmare is in this park is because of the past council and Roberta

    And there is NO WAY in hell no matter what our Mayors relationship is with Stacy Antoine, Stacy would NEVER give up a birthday party or class to welcome neighbors in!

    She has filed police reports against neighbors and has one filed against her for because of the way she treats the neighbors. This is not on the mayor but on the business owner and past council only. #knowthefacts

    AND all of Ridgewood’s tax dollars are being used to support this business

  13. Any work paid for by Stacy Antoine was not done without a payback from the town…it added another year to her 5 year lease without a rent increase. Deal of the century

    And the improvements turned a charming home that needed work into an industrial kitchen so the work was personal and for her business NOT to improve the home.

    The town provided A/C.

    The rest were for her business to be able to function in a house

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