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Get Ready to Party with These Excellent Party and Event Themes for Your Next Grand Affair

Setting the mood and tone of your event can be difficult if you don’t have a unique theme as, more often than not, the motif will already set the mood and ambience. There may be more than a few exceptional themes you could choose if you are planning to have a brilliant party in 2022, but some are better than most. But if you are to select a theme, it would be best if it fits your brand identity as a company or fits the personality of the celebrant/s if you’re having a birthday party or anniversary. So what are the best themes out there? Get ready to party with these unusual party and event themes for your next grand affair.

An Alice in Wonderland theme 

Truth be told, if you’re itching to have a quirky and ultimately memorable event, there’s nothing better than an Alice in Wonderland theme. Both the film and the book are definitely “out there,” and you can get as creative as you want with this theme! The great thing about it is that you can hold it indoors or outdoors, and your décor can be as awesome as possible. You can, for example, lay out a big rectangular table with a lot of rustic or vintage tableware, and make sure you have plenty of floral and foliage centerpieces along with unique table centers. A living wall could do a lot for your theme, too. To make it more exciting, set up a “hobbit hole” entryway and place furniture upside-down for that Mad Hatter effect. 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream event 

What could be more magical than a Midsummer Night’s Dream event? It would be perfect if you could hold your event in the middle of the summer to complete the theme’s authentic feel, and you could include decorations influenced by the play, including natural foliage and fake trees and lots of beautiful white flora. Complete your theme with birdcages, and give your guests a sumptuous Mediterranean food set up with fresh fruit, salads, and platters of meat and seafood. Don’t forget the refreshing cocktails, and you’re all set. 

An outdoor barbecue affair 

If you want something more casual and relaxing, you can choose to have an outdoor barbecue affair – but give it a twist with some fantastic fairground rides, from helter-skelter and dodgem cars to mobile climbing walls and game stalls like tin can alley, coconut shy, and hook a duck. You can get all these from a reputable fairground stall hire specialist, and you can make your theme even more awesome with campfires, deck chairs, hammocks, sun loungers, bean bags, and more. Serve drinks from a fantastic summer bar and let your guests have fun with the games and rides to their hearts’ content. 

A Hollywood party 

Hollywood is all about glitz and glamour, and your event can be full of thrills if you opt for this theme. To make it as authentic as can be, lay out the red carpet for your guests as they enter your venue, and make it a dazzling awards dinner with photographers and paparazzi and set up a photo booth for the winners. You can make it more spectacular with posters from classic films, cameras, clapper boards, and blockbuster stars’ cardboard silhouettes. 

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