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Glen Rock Detectives Continue to Investigate Antisemitic Incident at Starbucks

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Glen Rock NJ, the bias vandalism incident at Starbucks reported on 02/19/2024 is still being investigated by Glen Rock Detectives, along with additional officers who have been reassigned from patrol duties. The nature of this incident is similar to what has occurred at a number of Starbucks locations throughout the United States and Canada, where the chain has been targeted in the last few months. Detectives are conferring with police departments in those jurisdictions.

Detectives now believe that the two stickers affixed to the Starbucks sign poles may have occurred on a prior date (see attached photos). A closer examination of these stickers shows scratches and marks that may indicate they had been on the poles for a few days. Therefore, in an attempt to narrow down a time frame, Detectives are asking any member of the public who may have noticed the stickers prior to 02/19/2024 to contact or 201-670-3948. Additionally, anyone with videos, photos or social media content filmed in the area around the sign between 02/05/2024 and 02/19/2024 is asked to contact Detectives as well.
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The Glen Rock Police Department would also like to publicly thank the members of our Central Business District (CBD) community who have gone out of their way to promptly and voluntarily provide numerous hours of video footage from their stores. Detectives are still working with the corporate offices of the Bank of America in an effort to obtain video from their bank location in the Glen Rock CBD.
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9 thoughts on “Glen Rock Detectives Continue to Investigate Antisemitic Incident at Starbucks

  1. Yet the death and destruction continues.

    1. Silence on the rape and murder of innocent israeli citizens… fucking hypocrite

  2. Sticks and stones may break my bones but these hate stickers have gone too far.

  3. Remember. Anti-Catholic Hate is allowed.
    (also Anti-White hatred — as taught in our schools)

    1. I am a white catholic. I have never felt discrimination

      1. I am a Black atheist. I have never felt discrimination.

    2. I am Spartacus.

  4. Is every home and car break in and every other real crime already solved?

  5. Many years ago, I had the pleasure of tearing down a circular button sticker that read, “Jewish pigs out,” that had been stuck on a pole on Elmora Avenue in Elizabeth, around which numerous Jewish families lived. It’s always the cowardly ways with antisemites. Too bad they don’t stroll around in Nazi uniforms so we can whack them with broom handles and chase them out of our neighborhoods.

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