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Glen Rock Police Department Issue Stolen Car Crime Alert

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police Department despite the COVID-19 Crisis and stay at home orders, North Jersey communities continue to be plagued by vehicle thefts. In each and every case the keys or key fobs have been left in the unlocked vehicles or immediately accessible. During the month of May, a total of four vehicles have been stolen in Glen Rock under these circumstances. The most recent of which was reported on May 13th, taken from a resident’s driveway overnight. Two of the vehicles stolen over the last month belonged to the Glen Rock DPW. The other belonged to a resident and was parked in front of their home. In the past these types of thefts have happened in neighborhoods all over Glen Rock.

Everyone is reminded that it is never safe to leave your vehicle unlocked or to leave your key or key fob in your vehicle or otherwise accessible – such has hanging in your unlocked garage. This community, and others in Northern New Jersey are specifically targeted for these crimes due to these types of practices. Always remember – Lock your vehicle and take your key with you!

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