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Glen Rock Police held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza

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Glen Rock NJ, on September 25th ,between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.  the Glen Rock Police Department, in conjunction with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission, held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza. The operation, which has not been held since 2019 due to COVID-19, is designed to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and promote safe driving practices. The checkpoint also had the added benefit of allowing 55 motorists, whose vehicles were due for inspection, to have their vehicles inspected free of charge with only a short wait. A total of 32 summonses were issued to vehicles found with safety violations. These types of local checkpoints were instituted when the NJ Motor Vehicle commission eliminated the safety testing portion of motor vehicle inspections as a cost savings measure in 2010, now testing only for emissions. Despite this elimination of mechanical inspections, local law enforcement is still responsible to cite motorists for equipment out of compliance or failure to make repairs.

11 thoughts on “Glen Rock Police held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza

  1. Great spot, holding up traffic on County Road. And the police are making overtime for this bullshit. Ridiculous.

  2. They got balls…
    As fucked up as the no dmv is their pulling this crap?
    Fuck the gov and fuck nj…

  3. I agree with both commentators

  4. So you take your car to the State for inspection and pass. Then, you get stopped at a checkpoint and given a summons for something the State didn’t include in their inspection?!? Am I reading that right, or did they only give summonses to cars that had not yet been inspected, and possibly don’t have to yet because of the extensions?

  5. With my May 2020 reinspection sticker date extended to Aug. 31 and then Sept. 30, and knowing that my fellow drivers in line at the Paramus inspection station would therefore have stickers dating back to March, and with the DMV in almost complete disarray, and with all the covid concerns on top of that, for the first time in my life I paid a gas station $50 + tax to do the inspection last week. They did it while I waited, and done. Best $50 I’ve spent in a long time and a load off my mind.

  6. It’s all bull shit . Cops need to stop this shit .
    And on over time , right bro’s

  7. We pay my local service station (Demarest Auto Svc) to inspect our cars when they are due. The convenience of it makes up for the cost. Having to take a day off I’ll lose more money then the cost of paying for the inspection anyway. And you can’t always blame the police for what they are instructed to do. NJ SUX. MAS EXODUS IN PROGRESS. IT’s GETTING WORSE AND WORSE.

  8. I always use my service station…

  9. Maybe they can stop me and give me a quick free inspection and save me the time waiting in an inspection sataion line or the cost of going to a garage.

  10. Inspection is a joke
    The only item that can cause a failure is emissions.
    Bald tires, cracked windhield… ALL PASS

  11. True.
    NJ inspection used to be among the best in the country to ensure safe vehicles were on the raod.
    Now they just care about exhaust emissions.
    Pathetic and political.

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