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Governor Murphy’s Announcement that the November Election will be Limited to vote-by-mail is an Abuse of Power

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Senator Steve Oroho and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths (R-24) issued the following statement in response to Governor Murphy’s announcement that the November election will be limited to vote-by-mail:

“This shouldn’t be mandated. It should be up to individual voters to decide. If they want a mail-in ballot they can ask for one, and if they want to vote in person, they shouldn’t be prohibited from doing that.

“Even top health experts stated there’s no need not to have in-person voting. And other regional states, including Connecticut, have shown in-person voting can be done safely.

“Plain and simple, this is abuse of power. Once again, the Governor is unilaterally changing election law with the stroke of his magic pen.

“That’s precisely why the emergency powers must be rescinded. One person changing the election statute by himself is ridiculous.

“Let’s respect the election process and not look to politicize it for any perceived electoral advantage.”

10 thoughts on “Governor Murphy’s Announcement that the November Election will be Limited to vote-by-mail is an Abuse of Power

  1. A friend of mine lives in Essex County.
    He said he got FIVE mailings the last election, all for FORMER residents of the address.
    If the county clerks cant get the sample ballots correct, that means they would accept multiple real ballots from the same address.
    what a disgrace

  2. Why is no one going to the courts for an injunction? Are all lawyers democrats?

  3. Dangling Chads ain’t got nothin’ on vote by mail only.


  5. This may not be an issue relating to the practice of one’s religious faith.

    But it’s hard to imagine a more ingrained and salutary feature of U.S. election procedures than in-person voting. Even anonymity in voting (a relatively recent innovation) pales by comparison to in-person voting in terms of how close it gets to the beating heart of our representative form of self-government.

    In-person voting as the primary means of receiving the gravely expressed will of We the People is sacrosanct–no doubt about it.

    Are we so devoted to personal convenience that we are willing to let drunk-with-power governors rob us of our most closely-held rights?

    Neither the science-to-date nor the revealed reality of the so-called “novel” Coronavirus, or the gift of COVID-19 it keeps on giving us, in any way justifies this act on the part of Governor Murphy. There is no way this will pass Constitutional muster. Current conditions daily fall farther and farther away from the kind of emergency that the governor would need to prove exists in order to receive the judiciary’s blessing for such a draconian measure.

  6. Thats BS

  7. Have voting booths. Have hand sanitizer available to use before you go into booth and use on the way out. Wear your mask, and problem solved. No paper or mail in ballots unless you request an absentee ballot.

  8. Just how is it a problem going to a voting site and spend 5-10 mins with masks on? How is it more dangerous than waiting for hours in lines at DMV, or shopping at food stores or going to the post office etc. They do not give a shyte about Corona, they need to apply their sick agenda which is dead set on getting rid of Trump trying ANYTHING they can think of and at ANY cost. These people are sick and scary. EVIL to the core.

  9. We can use the ATM
    machine but can’t push the voting buttons this November? This is BS.
    Murohynis enjoyingnis power trip taking advantage of Covid to be a dictator.

  10. Lie, cheat, steal… anything to remove Trump from office.

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