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Ridgewood NJ, Graydon Pool will be open June 29 through Labor Day, September 7, 2020, Plenty of parking ,no sharks and no traffic . Come and enjoy Graydon Pool for another wonderful summer season.  Seasonal memberships are available for sale on Community Pass.  The Water’s Edge Café at the pool will also be open this summer.

Graydon Pool additional shaded seating is available on the grass Maple Avenue side of the pool to current badge holders and guests. You must enter the pool from the main entrance and if you wish you can sit in the shade on the Maple Avenue side, if you wish to swim you will need to walk around to either the Linwood Avenue or the Deep Water Area.

If you have any questions please call the badge office at 201-670-5500 Ext.7003

Regular Season – June 29 through August 14
Daily 10 am to 7:30 pm

Late Season – August 15 through Labor Day, September 7
Weekdays – 12 noon to 7:30 pm
Weekends/Holiday – 10 am to 7:30 pm

Graydon Pool Rules and Regulations
Graydon Pool Deep Water Test Requirements

16 thoughts on “UPDATE: GRAYDON POOL 2020 SEASON !

  1. The pool is lovely. Clean. People are wearing masks on the walkways and patio. Everyone is maintaining space. The snack bar is open. Children are laughing. Fresh air and sunshine. So happy it is open.

  2. It is great to have it open. I have been every day.

  3. Clean and welcoming. Thank you Village Council for kicking Nancy Bigos’ butt to get the place open.

  4. They must be doing something right. The pool reached capacity on Sunday, but no one was complaining about waiting in line to get in.

  5. Much appreciated Village Council. The pool is an important asset in this town. Even though not everyone uses it, it is a lovely, wonderful, feature of Ridgewood.

  6. Sand burial. The ultimate sun block

  7. No resident uses all of the features of this town. Some residents don’t even use the school system. Some use the parks, some don’t. Some play tennis, some don’t. Some use the communal garden, some don’t. Some go to concerts at the band shell, some don’t. For those who enjoy using Graydon, it’s a wonderful thing that the VC went ahead and opened it up this year. It’s kind of shocking to me that there was even a dispute about it. Nancy Bigos and Heather Mayländer pushed back so hard against this that it was shocking. Spoke to me of complete abject laziness on their part.

  8. Great job by the Village to open including by the elected officials who fought for it. The staff did a fantastic job all weekend enforcing rules, managing the capacity issue and making sure the pool was safe and enjoyable. Tremendous job by everyone involved. Much thanks and praise to go around.

  9. I passed by today. It looks like the water has a slight greenish tint. I don’t know if they added something to the water to spruce it up, but it definitely looks better and cleaner than it has in years past.

  10. The push back from Nancy Bigios is insane yet she made sure her buddy’s camp at Habernickel park was up and running and taking over the park and parking lot with tents tents tents. All with the help of Heather by her side.

    I guess that’s what they were working on while not working for the town!
    Month need to GO!!! And go soon!!!!

  11. It was lovely on Sunday. So glad I went. It would have been cheap and easy for the Village not to open. With summer programs and vacations canceled families will need this local resource.

    They stopped admitting at about 1 pm when they hit 250 guests. It did not seem very full, we were more than socially distanced. Plenty of room. Increase the head count.

  12. Nancy Bigios needs to go! And while your at it take heather with her

  13. Loving Graydon!
    Thank you, Ridgewood!!

  14. “They stopped admitting at about 1 pm when they hit 250 guests. It did not seem very full, we were more than socially distanced. Plenty of room. Increase the head count.”

    NO! Do *not* increase the head count. There is a very low Covid case count in this community. Let’s continue to social distance RESPONSIBLY so that the number of cases locally remains low!

  15. come on Jason.
    Make sure you wash your hands. And take a shower before you go.

  16. Lose Nancy Bigios. She is lazy and didn’t want to work this summer

    Heather is even more lazy and can’t run this town…is she even educated?

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