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Hackensack Voters Say NO to $170 million schools proposal

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, Hackensack voters shot down a nearly $170 million schools proposal Tuesday,  forcing school officials to find new ways to address the district’s growing student population and aging facilities. Hackensack voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposal. According to unofficial election results from Tuesday night, early counts show that an estimated 638 voted in favor of the project and 2,225 voted against. The count included absentee ballots.

Ridgewood resident  find them selves in the middle of  of a vote on a ballot question that would eliminate the right to vote of  the school budget . Ridgewood resident Steve Kim commented on Facebook,

“Hackensack serves a cautionary tale for Ridgewood. It allowed unchecked developments that caused a surge in school enrollment. Then a $170 million referendum was proposed to build new schools ($100 million of that is new build).
We need to be attentive so that growth and capacity are inline and coordinated. We need to focus on making sure that schools deliver excellent education for the students. We cannot dilute quality.
We can focus and better manage with spring elections when local ballots don’t show up as after the fact on the last page. In spring we will have more candidates willing to run and more discussions and debates. More transparency and better accountability. Please vote NO to November consolidation. (Last sheet of your ballot – yep, hard to find) Let’s keep spring going forward for Ridgewood”

9 thoughts on “Hackensack Voters Say NO to $170 million schools proposal

  1. Resounding defeat….4:1

  2. get the developers and Fair Share Housing to pay for schools

  3. Vote NO on the OVOV question. Otherwise you will never have a say in the school
    Budgets again

  4. Apparently RW voters are not as smart as Hackensack voters…

  5. Ridgewood voters haven’t been hit as bad as in HS. But yes, it’s time to wake up and focus on a cost basis. We can’t have it all – more students, more programs, more extracurricular, more special Ed, more admins… A smart approach is to focus resources on where we get the best bang for the buck. For starters, get social justice poisoners out of our school.

  6. Don’t be surprised the budget passes. In some sneaky way. Watch.

  7. I know some of us don’t trust the sneaky crew.

  8. False: “Hackensack serves a cautionary tale for Ridgewood. It allowed unchecked developments that caused a surge in school enrollment. ”

    Hackensack’s development did NOT cause a surge in school enrollment. At the time of the referendum, development had contributed to less than 30 new students (Avalon Bay Project and Meridia/State. St. project). The revitalization program is not projected to yield significant additional enrollment. Hackensack mandates that each developer submit a Fiscal Impact Analysis that clearly demonstrates the amount of school-aged children the project will yield (Rutgers study, etc.). These numbers are low. Millennials are having less kids. The units are mostly studios or 1-BR.

    Development in Hackensack happens responsibly as it can anywhere with and good planning.

    1. wow in Ridgewood they used every Lying BS story you can imagine ,lucky you

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