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High Gas Prices Force Americans to Drive Less and Cut Spending

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, soaring fuel prices have caused a majority of Americans to drive less and reduce spending in other areas of their household budgets.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 81% of American Adults say rising gasoline prices are a serious problem for their personal budget, including 56% who say higher gas prices are a Very Serious problem. Only 18% don’t consider the rising cost of gasoline a serious problem for their budget. (To see survey question wording, click here.)


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6 thoughts on “High Gas Prices Force Americans to Drive Less and Cut Spending

  1. Thanks Uncle Brandon.

    I’ll still vote for you because I’m

    1. But Brandon’s colleagues are busy on the MSM telling us that it’s all price gouging by Big Oil. Of course, the MSM “journalists” never respond to them by asking why they weren’t gouging during the previous administration.

      1. They’re also telling us that INFLATION IS GOOD for the middle class

        Don’t believe me… look it up.

  2. Yes. Just look at time line
    $2.39 a gallon day one of Biden admin. Well before Putin. Admin says Keystone will not help as its not complete but neglect to tell you they shut it down day 1. If they hadn’t, it would be pumping 800-900 gallons a day …today almost 2x the amt we were getting from Russia.

    They just lie at every turn

    1. Funny how the Left like to blame Russia for all the current inflation yet we see a lot of Russian funding into leftist causes.

  3. It’s ifficult for dyed in the wool liberal Democrats to fault Joe Biden’s far left policies (spending and printing money = inflation, trashing the US oil industry while he begs for oil from dictator governments, screwing up the Afghanistan exit leaving behind $85 billion in US weaponry for terrorists, lying to Americans that he had no idea what shady activities his son Hunter was up to in foreign countries…eh hem…The NY Times finally says oh yes Joe, you knew).

    Sorry to tell you libs that Biden is NOT the Democrat party of JFK. Biden is far left. JFK was not.

    Do you realize that Biden’s progressive agenda wants to destroy the US middle class? No? Oh yes.

    It’s might be painful to admit it but Biden and all his cronies are screwballs.

    You might not like to press the Republican voting button but if you care about the future of this country, your wallet, your kids future, private property rights, then you had better press Republican in the voting booth. You don’t have to tell anyone you did.

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