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How to Keep Your Home Comfortably Warm Before Winter Comes


Many people dread the winter season because of how hard it can be to get warm and cozy during those cold months. However, you don’t necessarily have to feel cold or uncomfortable. With some simple and cost-effective tips, you’ll be able to keep your home comfortably warm, even on the coldest winter nights. Read on to learn how to prepare your home for winter. 

Let the Sunshine In

You’ll want your home to absorb any heat possible during the cold winter months, which is why you ought to let the sunlight in during the day. However, windows that don’t get direct sunlight should remain sealed. You don’t necessarily have to open your windows; pulling the curtains back is enough to allow in all that free heat. Your house will retain all the sun’s heat that entered during the day and warmed the room’s temperature. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

You won’t want to manually set your thermostat whenever you’re coming and going, especially since this will only cause your electric bill to rise. Instead, install a programmable one and set it to suitable temperatures for the day and night time, respectively. Ensure the temperature is comfortable for you; it can be difficult to get sufficient sleep in warmer temperatures, so you don’t want to set the temperature too high in the evening.

Check Your HVAC System 

No one should start the winter season without giving their HVAC system a proper checkup. Even if you have used the air conditioning system frequently during the summer months, you’ll still want to ensure that the ventilation and heating systems are working properly before switching the appliance on. It will be best to hire a professional to check and clean the filters to avoid problems or hefty bills down the line. 

No matter the size of your house, the lack of proper heating can make it uninhabitable, and without a reliable HVAC system, the lack of adequate air circulation can negatively impact your health and home life. The folks at explain that HVAC systems are vital for our overall quality of life. Every household deserves to have warm and clean air; this is why you should have HVAC technicians or contractors check your HVAC unit every season to ensure efficient ventilation, heating, and cooling. 

Add Carpets 

Carpets are specifically designed to heat a room – as well as look fabulous, of course. Placing a rug in any room is a surefire way to insulate your home. Preventing your feet from touching the cold floor will maintain your body heat and keep you comfortably warm all winter long. The thicker the carpet, the better!

Cook and Bake

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to remain comfortably warm at home is to use the oven. Eating warm meals will warm you up from the inside and make you feel healthier, and cooking is already an efficient way to lower expenses. So, bake a cake, cook a steak, and indulge in the heat it creates! 

Shut the Door

Leaving every door in your house ajar is counterproductive when trying to warm up the house. Always remember to shut doors in rooms that you’re entering and exiting. Moreover, if you’ve already had the heating on in a specific room, you’ll want to ensure that you trap the heat within, so you don’t have to warm it up all over again. 

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks in windows and doors must never go unnoticed when winter approaches – or any season really, if you don’t want creepy crawlies visiting. If you don’t have weather strips to seal the gaps and cracks, you can buy very affordable draught-excluders. You can also take the frugal route and use duct tape. 

Have Cozy Blankets Available

Simplicity is key if you want to stay warm in winter. Having spare, soft blankets lying around in the living room, dining room, home office, or bedroom is going to keep your warm. Furthermore, it makes you feel cozy, creating a soothing and inviting ambiance to the room. You’ll be in the mood to snuggle up with your blanket, popcorn, and a movie without feeling chilly. 

Bring Out the Comfy Slippers

The final and perhaps easiest tip to apply is to bring out the comfy, cozy, and fluffy slippers. As mentioned above, keeping your feet warm is half the battle won when trying to feel comfortable at home in winter. Fluffy slippers will ensure you can happily embrace the winter season at home. 

With these easy tips, you won’t have to dread the cold season anymore, as you’ll be able to feel cozy and comfortable in your home. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to stay warm; with the cost-efficient suggestions, you’ll find that winter can be a lot of fun when your house feels just right. 

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