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Ridgewood Farmers Market – Until November 22 – Weather Permitting!

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Farmers’ Market will stay open until November 22 – as long as the weather permits.. place your orders this weekend. Thank you for wearing your masks , it is very much appreciated.  The Farmers markets is on the westside Ridgewood Train station, form 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood Farmers Market – Until November 22 – Weather Permitting!

  1. The sign says $12 for cherries. Insane. I went once to buy stuff and ran away scared by pricing. Fun place in the summer but you need a big wallet.

  2. “The sign says $12 for cherries. Insane.”

    Yeah, but they’re SOUR Cherries…. so you know, it’s a bargain.

    (they’re also cage free range cherries)

  3. Supply v Demand. The pricing is aligned with the clientele. Ridgewood residents wander over there with the fantasy that they are being hip and edgy. They get their overpriced produce and go home and enjoy their overpriced produce while reading the NYT. It just feels like living in Brooklyn.

  4. Farmers Market in Glen Rock is cheap and always open! Yes, they don’t hire hipsters or pretend they are organic, but they’ll carry you through a corona lockdown without lines!

  5. $12 is about right (considering the same product at Whole Foods is around $8 per pound)

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