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Hudson Garage Hit With Vandalism

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, bike flash mobs are back. The word is that many people do not want to park at the Hudson garage because of  vandalism. It seems packs of kids on bicycles have been terrorizing parkers and damaging  vehicles .

One suspect sought for questioning in connection with a pedestrian strike during Saturday’s “Ride Out”

Ridgewood Police Break Up “Flash Mob” Disrupting Traffic

14 thoughts on “Hudson Garage Hit With Vandalism

  1. Maybe the PD will wake up soon.
    Probably the same bunch that regularly rides thru the CBD, apparently only when the cops aren’t there!
    Calls to the PD don’t exactly leave me with any sense of urgency on their part.
    Amazing !

  2. A couple weeks back I saw about 35-40 kids on bikes in front of the Paramus Food Mart on Paramus Road. Some of these kids looked like they were in their 20s !

    Paramus PD was nowhere to be found.

  3. Yes car 54 lets arrest all these kids for riding their bike on the street. Then Ridgewood can be on the news again and the bleeding liberals in town can write on this blog how bad the cops are. Maybe if the garage wasn’t built we wouldn’t have this problem. Vandalism is a crime riding bikes on the street is not. You were first on line to vote yes for the garage.

  4. What law did these kids break? I guess being you 20s is against the law. Thanks comrade for bring that to our attention.

  5. There are laws against vandalism and harassment dh.

  6. I can’t wait until the low income housing is built.
    Then we will do away with all of this crime !

  7. Are there no video cameras in the 12 million dollar garage?

  8. Good point about the cameras…..

  9. I park there, and huge groups of kids are regularly on the roof doing tricks on their bikes and skate boards. They even throw things down to the sidewalk at times and shout down at pedestrians.
    These are 99% Ridgewood kids, and perhaps because of the lockdown, and their absentee liberal-lawyer parents, they really don’t care about anything, including RPD on the rare occasions they patrol up there.
    They damage cars all the time, and the cctv is, to say the least, not up industry best practices, thus only on the stairwells.

  10. Riding a bike is harassment? Da

  11. The council should put a concession stand on the top floor or a pickle ball court.

  12. I like that idea.

  13. Well time to stop parking the Panamera in there. That’s too bad, it’s really annoying if a bird craps on it if I park on the street. Though I suppose only a matter of time before pigeons start roosting in the garage too. Then I’d get both bird poo AND door dings.

  14. Panamera?
    Wow, you are a Ridgewood asshole.

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