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Hudson Street Garage offers Panoramic Views of Downtown Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the New Hudson Street garage offers a side benefit or added attraction to Ridgewood residents , commuters and shoppers .  Take the elevator to the top floor (4) and a behold the panoramic view of the Village of Ridgewood . From the 4th floor parking deck one can see the whole central business district both east side and west. Free parking is also offered on DECEMBER 5th, 12th, and 19th , shop Ridgewood enjoy the view .

The Village Council has approved free parking, with a 3-hour limit, in all parking lots in the Central Business District and in the Hudson Street Garage, on the Saturdays leading up to Christmas, December 5th, 12th, and 19th.  Please be aware that the parking area at the intersection of Broad Street and East Ridgewood Avenue (where the Christmas tree is located) and the parking area on the west side, with the entrance by MacMurphy’s Restaurant, are not considered parking lots, and you must pay to park in these locations.  The main parking lot at the train station (with the majority of the parking spaces), going into the parking lot from the traffic light and turning left, is free parking.  In addition, if you park on the streets, you must pay to park.


20 thoughts on “Hudson Street Garage offers Panoramic Views of Downtown Ridgewood

  1. 9 million dollar view. Is it worth it?

  2. More like $12 million with all of the change orders.

  3. For that kind of money they should of have some kind of enclosed space for viewing to take pictures . Don’t let anybody bullshit you that place might be paid off in 25 years. What a losing proposition. Bad investing. They had the opportunity to lease the property to a developer and they wouldn’t put up a garage. And so what whatever they charge they make for themselves. You still on the property. And the property was a piece of shit anyway. Watch the next area of development that will be on Walnut street.

  4. What would a developer have put there? More shopping? Apartments? Do Ridgewood people want either?

  5. Please NEVER forget New Jersey Transit offered a garage for FREE

  6. Well there were those who fought and fought against this stupid plan.

  7. Drove by today. Zero cars. Zero.
    Friday afternoon – Black Friday no less. Not a one.

  8. Love it. Haha.

  9. We ought to make the entire Town Council park there (on the roof) – and walk to the Municipal Building.

    They may loose some of the fat in their heads!

  10. What a damn waste of money. This is going to be dead for a few years because the restaurants are hurting, the mom and pop little stores are just hanging on a thread. It’s getting cold no outside dining. And they expected this year to be the busiest online shopping ever. I hate to say I haven’t been to one store since March. I order everything online. The only place that I go is to the gas station. And I don’t even want to touch anyone’s dirty money what touch my credit card coming back to me because of all the filth. No one’s cleaning their credit and debit cards. What about their keys, the money is filthy. I know it’s crazy to talk like this I just don’t wanna get sick. I’m always getting sick from someone else because when they’re sick they don’t stay home. Can you imagine what’s going on at these restaurants with the help they don’t get sick days they’re sick they go to work touch everything coif on everything think about it. Do you think some dishwashers getting sick days please. Half of them live in the basement.

  11. Amazing garage, well worth the $$$$. It is multifunction , you can park, pee, enjoy amazing views, maybe smoke weed on the way down from the top floor. We got a good deal.

  12. Yesterday I ran up to the top 5 times. Decent workout.

  13. We Skateboard down

  14. I think the town should rent the floors out to the restaurants. Maybe even give it to them for free.
    That could help them through the winter.

  15. That’s a pretty good idea, especially when it’s raining. How about a flea market. Or how about this garage sale.

  16. That’s a pretty good idea, especially when it’s raining. How about a flea market. Or how about this garage sale.

  17. I believe up in Ramsey New Jersey transit could not fill all the spaces with computers. So they rented it out to Car dealers To store cars.

  18. 645 on a Saturday night – was out getting pick up. Parked on Ridgewood Ave and didn’t consider putting time on a meter. Counted 9 cars, at 645 – on a Saturday night.

  19. Fri night 845pm not one car on linwood or maple, cbd was dead almost everything closed. It was a ghost town. This VC better double down and start thinking about worst case scenario and that doesn’t mean raise our taxes because of their poor decision making.

  20. Them raising taxes is going right up your arse par usual.
    Look man, this scam has been working fine for years. Just do your Wall Street job, send junior to the over rated schools and PAY YOUR TAXES. End of story. You pay, we happy. Now move along, go on,

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