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Mayor Speaks

Mayor Speaks
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, I just received a reverse 911 from Mayor Paul Aronsohn. He basically threw PSEG under the bus but his #1 priority was to restore power. Like Obama was going to focus like a laser on jobs 3 yrs ago.He sounded like he had Chris Christie envy and came across small and pathetic.

Just got another call from VOR’s version of Baghdad Bob. she sounded like she was reading a script like a hostage. Basically threw PSEG under the bus, mocked Christie for postponing Halloween and reiterated that the village will not collect branches.

PSE&G hits back Village, OEM and Police websites all off line at 8:45 PM , still waiting for the “Jim” McGreevey’s not gay call

2 thoughts on “Mayor Speaks

  1. I know there a lots of priorities here but there’s still a live wire at the intersection of South Irving and Grove Street.

    This would be a huge help to traffic flows if PSE&G could clean this site up…..

  2. Over 2000 resident voted for him

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