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If There are Power Outages, Please Stay away from Downed Wires

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Ridgewood NJ, If there are power outages, please stay away from downed wires.  Plan ahead and know where your flashlights are located.  If you experience a power outage, please DO NOT CALL 911 and do not call the Police Department unless there is an emergency.  Instead, please call PSE&G directly at 1-800-436-7734 or text OUT to 47734.  You may also report your power outage and check the status of when power will be restored with PSE&G’s mobile app or by visiting

If your entire neighborhood has a power outage, every household should contact PSE&G, so that they are aware of it.  This assists PSE&G in sending crews to various areas.

If a tree comes down and it pulls down wires, PSE&G must first turn the electricity on the wires off, and then our tree crews can come in to cut up the tree.  Depending on the number of trees that come down in the storm and the number of homes without power, this could take several days.

Additional tips:

1. Keep your electronic devices charged.
2.  If you must go out when the rain is heavy, do not drive into large puddles/standing water. If your vehicle is stuck in standing water, call the Police Department and stay in your vehicle.  If you must leave your vehicle, use extreme caution in getting out of your vehicle, as downed wires nearby may cause the water to conduct the electricity, which could lead to electrocution.
3. If you have a storm drain near your home, please take responsibility for removing any leaves, branches, or debris that are now blocking it BEFORE the heavy rain arrives.
4. Keep your buckets of recyclables on YOUR side of the curb, not in the street where rushing waters could overturn them.
5. Observe and obey all police barrier signs that are set up to close access to streets.  These barriers are put up for your safety, as there may be downed trees or wires on that portion of the street.
6. Take in or stack any loose outdoor furniture that could “take off” in a strong wind.
7.  Please remember to check on your neighbors during the storm.

4 thoughts on “If There are Power Outages, Please Stay away from Downed Wires

  1. “If there are power outages, please stay away from downed wires”
    Not so many years ago, this was something you would only have to say to small children………

  2. This is the “STUPID” part of

  3. Another sloppy storm expected on Saturday.

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