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Is Ridgewood Downtown’s Self-Proclaimed Savior Gouging His Tenants?

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Ridgewood NJ, Rumor has it that Village Council candidate Paul Vagianos–by his own description the past, present, and future savior of Ridgewood’s Central Business District, who lined his pockets with a goodly chunk of the $3 million in tax dollars intended to be used solely to feed the hungry–now seeks to price out his downtown tenants by raising their rent by about 50%.

Wasn’t it enough that he had just increased those rents by over 10% in the middle of the pandemic last year, when shopping and dining out barely existed and his tenants needed a break, not a punch in the gut?

Is he looking to drive them out because he wants those buildings for something else? Too much competition for his own restaurant?

Is this the best way to keep our downtown businesses solvent and thriving?

13 thoughts on “Is Ridgewood Downtown’s Self-Proclaimed Savior Gouging His Tenants?

  1. Finca to close.

    Does Vag own the Finca building…?

  2. Conflict of interest for this knucklehead to be on the council when decisions directly impact his financial interests in town.

  3. The Proletarians of the Village will tell us what they want and we will oblige because we are sheep.

  4. Vagianos does not own the Finca building. Look it up. Stop stirring the pot . Any pro Vagianos material for some reason never makes it on the Blog. Hmmmmm?? The Blog is a rag!

  5. Talk to the tenants. Believe me. They have plenty to say.
    He’s a slime ball.
    It’s actually worse they don’t feel safe speaking up openly.

  6. He kind of looks like a cardboard cutout…

  7. can someone tell us exactly which buildings he owns?

  8. “He kind of looks like a cardboard cutout…”

    OMG — I thought I was the only one who thought that!!

  9. He kinda looks like a POS

  10. Vagianos has some explaining to do if the article it and must be true because CBD whispering about it. To your face Vagianos tries to be the good guy. Mr. Unity. Mr. Integrity. He’s not really.

    Says he wants to help CBD businesses. Three million tax dollars to save struggling restaurants while Vagianos lined his pockets. If he’s to be believed Ridgewood restaurants needed the money to survive during the pandemic. Now we learn he increased rent by 10% in the middle of the pandemic. now jacked up 50%?

    Sounds like Vagianos has been caught saying one thing while doing another. Again.

    Is this guy really going to get elected ?

  11. He owns so many cbd buildings. He’s entitled to own real estate and make money. The big question is why he’s hiding information from the voting public. Why didn’t he include in his many mailers or on his campaign website?

    He’ll have to recuse himself from cbd discussions and votes. His bar is even if a hint of a conflict.

    Real estate holdings are hard to find. Usually hidden behind llc using different addresses. Preliminary list may include

    It’s Greek building
    Bareburge building
    Biblia building
    Pearl building
    Building behind pearl
    Raymond’s building

    He may have interest in other businesses and buildings.

  12. Keep it clean, no need for shenanigans

  13. He owns the building directly next to the garage where Pearl is. He owns the Greek to me which extends to Bibilia and he owns bare burger. He has interests or owns Raymond’s and many others under the LLC ridgewood properties.
    Just dig a little and stop asking othe people to do it for you.
    Someone messed up and said Finca because it is attached to what he does own.
    He CANNOT be running on a platform which invigorates the down town because he won’t ever ever legally be able to vote on it.
    Not the garage and it’s costs. Not parking not anything.
    His business also profits off of health barn.
    He can’t discuss that either.
    He did at the debate and should have immediately shut up.
    The fact that he wouldn’t shut up then makes me wonder if he will recuse himself when he needs to.
    Guys. There’s literally only one choice. Stop debating it.

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