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Tapinto Places Disclaimers on Some Articles After Conflict of Interest Story on the Ridgewood blog

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, after the post on the Ridgewood blog pointing out obvious conflicts of interest with the Tapinto “news” site , the Tapinto began placing disclaimers on some of their articles .

Disclaimer on recent Tapinto article.
Editor’s Note: The franchise owner has a financial interest in a business that has worked on Vagianos’ 2017 legislative campaign and is involved in his 2021 campaign. The writer/editor has no such relationship. The franchise owner had no involvement with the story.

9 thoughts on “Tapinto Places Disclaimers on Some Articles After Conflict of Interest Story on the Ridgewood blog

  1. B’s – Jason DeAllesio IS the editor.

  2. Literally it’s available on Google.
    This guy is his campaign manager. This “news outlet” runs a smash piece on his opponent. Painting Paul as a good guy. (Laughable)
    His campaign treasurer works for the same organization WITH this Jason creep.
    Keep looking where else Kason has affiliations. Google. The league of women voters?? And isn’t that who hosted a debate between candidates? It’s shameless how deep these tentacles reach. The dem party I. Bergen county is vile. And vag wants to be the face of it?? If he can ever get Raymoan to step out of the spotlight for 2 minutes.
    And why is Paul Vag listed as a lawyer at councilwoman Pam Perron’s firm.
    She’s quiet but corrupt people.

  3. Tap into Ridgewood was created at the end of March 2021. Jason DeAlessi (aka “Sleek Media, LLC) is the franchise owner (and up until a few days ago, he was the editor of record. . . still trying to figure out who is his replacement (or, realistically, not)). Every single piece they write bashes the anti-Arohnshon crowd, guts Susan Knudsen, supports JOLTS. Only that nutbag Linda Scarpa thinks they are fair and honest . . . ’cause the interviewed her for a piece on the EMT issue .. SMH

    Jason DeAlessi also owns Fuerza Strategy Group. He was Paul Vagianos’ campaign manager the last time Paul ran for office. Jason and Fuerza Strategy Group employ Donna Abene, Treasurer of the “Paul Vagianos for Villag Counsel Campaign.” Donna’s address, in her PV campaign capacity, is Fuerza Strategy. Donna is the Vice-Chair at Democratic Legislative District 39 and Democratic Organization of Bergen County. According to her Linked-In page she has “served as Campaign Manager, Deputy Campaign Manager, and Treasurer on many local and state races.” Add Paul Vagianos campaign to the list.

    So Tap into Ridgewood is directly involved in Paul Vagianos’ campaign, there is no denying this. It’s all available on Google if anyone wants to verify this information. Very easy.

    Jason DeAlessi is also on the Board of Directors of the LWV. And, yes, that is who hosted the debate where they tossed softball questions at Paul and tough, biased questions at Ms. Hooban. Ms. Hooban was decidedly disadvantaged in the questioning.

    A review of Pauls’s contributors will demonstrate outside money coming from the Bergen County Democratic operatives. Note, we have a non-partisan form of government in Ridgewood and there is no place for outside money. Also note, Hooban is a Democrat and has received no support.

    Finally, PAUL IS NOT A LAWYER. Paul hasn’t practiced law since the early 1990s. He doesn’t have a law license anymore. And yes, it’s odd that his “law business” profile” says he works for the Law Offices of Pam Perron. I would expect more of Pam.

  4. Public officials should be pushed by citizens to run, not busybody shit stirrers They should be responsible people with no skin in the game, looking out for our interests.
    Paul makes me cringe looking at him. I don’t know him – but you can tell he is a slimeball. He is looking out for himself. This is not what we need today. No career politicians. No underlying motives. Is that even possible anymore?
    This dude looks and smells like special interests.
    Give me a couple honest people that promise to serve for a few years.
    I am sure belly boy is voting for Paul.

  5. Such bull. Disclaimer is too little too late and a lie. Thanks to the bravery of a resident calling it out on Facebook. SWino got called out violating her own rules and then gave the whistle-blower the boot from RMD page. Geeesh.

  6. FB administrators have been posting those articles all over mom’s and dad’s creating direct links to Vagianos virtual campaign headquarters. Links brought readers to page after page of vote for vag.

    Was ms winograd working in concert with Tapinto? Did she send them the LWV announcement in order to create a new link to Vagianos virtual hq? Will Friedes and Winograd offer Hooban equal opportunity to make amends for their despicable behavior.

    It can’t be innocent. People were questioning it for weeks.

  7. Tap into is such a worthless site.

  8. Dominion’s voting algorithms will (already have) decided this election.

  9. Many citizens called it out but it was melanie who named it in the debate. Also bravely. Not negatively not mean but she called it out. And I hope residents AND Melanie KEEP calling out his many many conflicts.

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