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Less Village of Ridgewood Services Should Mean Pay Cuts Due to Diminished Job Responsibilities

Ridgewood Graydon Pool lifeguard

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Ridgewood NJ, After all the postings about Graydon we went back and watched the previous Council meeting.  It was completely obvious that the parks director Bigos and the Village Manager Heather Mailander. do not want the pool to open.  All their remarks were completely negative.  Excuse me, but isn’t running the pool a major part of the job of the Ms. Bigos?  She is already free from the summer camp program, and now she wants to kill the pool.

We recommend that the SALARY OF NANCY BIGOS SHOULD BE REDUCED, with these major responsibilities being killed.  Everywhere we turn people have lost their jobs, their businesses, have been furloughed, or have taken significant pay cuts.  Many people have taken pay cuts even though they are still working their full jobs.  Ms. Bigos’ salary should definitely be reduced since the camp is closed, and it should be reduced even more if the pool remains closed.  Everyone who works for Ridgewood Village needs to participate in cost saving measures.  Certainly those who are still working their full jobs should remain at full salary.  But people who are not?

61 thoughts on “Less Village of Ridgewood Services Should Mean Pay Cuts Due to Diminished Job Responsibilities

  1. “They shouldn’t be allowed to collect their defined benefit pensions until after age 55.”

    When are they allowed to start collecting their pensions? Is it before age 55? (I hope not)

  2. Average age of a PFRS (police & fire) member retiring is 52. Teachers can’t retire until 62 but some qualify for special early retirement at 55.

  3. Wow! Assuming the *average* life expectancy of about 80 these days, Village employees get full pension benefits (read: salary!) for 25 years… and probably more! Think about that! Mind… is blown!!

    These economics make me want to move from the private sector to the public sector. Sure, the work is probably heinously boring, but the BENEFITS are amazing and you live a wonderful life during your retirement years…. all on the taxpayers’ dime! America the beautiful!

  4. Oh well. Go after the fire & police.

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