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Letter to my fellow NJ grassroots Republicans

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Dear Patriots,

As we approach the Republican primary for governor, I am compelled to tell you two things. First, that I loved the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, voted for him both times, and that I will support him if he decides to run in 2024 to address the (already) many failures that Biden has imposed on the country. Second, none of the above matters in the coming race to save New Jersey from Democrat Governor Feckless Phil Murphy.

Undoubtedly, my fellow grassroot friends, you have seen attacks on GOP gubernatorial candidates former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and Pastor Phil Rizzo accusing them of not being Trump supporters or being RINO’s (Republican In Name Only). As we both know, there are RINO’s out there. I’m not referring to fellow Republicans who are not yet as liberty or conservative minded as we are, because having a big tent is important for us if we are to grow and win. From my perspective, RINO’s are those who work in the shadows on behalf of Democrats – that’s not Ciattarelli nor Rizzo – both are real Republicans.

During the Trump times, I went to pro-Trump rallies and caravans and spoke to the media about my support of President Trump and his commonsense policies. But like many of us, I was not always a Trump fan. In fact, in the primary I was a supporter of Senator Cruz and was worried President Trump was going to be a closeted Democrat. Over time Trump convinced me, not only of his sincere Republican bona fides, but that he was just what the party needed. How does this relate to the gubernatorial election you ask?

Well, right now, in this primary we are asked what does the party need to get Feckless Phil Murphy out of the governor’s office. What matters is not at what point or on what issues the GOP gubernatorial primary candidates supported President Trump, but whether they can convince enough people to make the right choice to save our state from Governor Feckless Phil Murphy’s category 5 catastrophe of economic and anti-freedom destruction.

Arguing over which Trump policies the gubernatorial primary candidates supported or who loved Trump more, will do absolutely zero towards getting rid of Feckless Phil Murphy. I love President Trump, he was the champion we needed and taught the GOP important lessons (which it should continue to heed), but the question before us in the coming gubernatorial primary is not who is more loyal to Trump, but who can save New Jersey from another term of Feckless Phil Murphy. Regardless, all the candidates for our nomination have gone to rallies for President Trump, stood up for election integrity, and advocated for liberating New Jersey of one-man economic shut-down rule.

While this should make all of us in the grassroots proud, the fact remains that this election is about whether we will suffer through another 4 years of elderly killing, job destroying, future mortgaging, constitution trampling, and rights wrecking Feckless Phil Murphy. Whomever wins our nomination, we the grassroots, must rally around that person with this goal in mind. I know our Republican nominee elected on June 8th will have my support because of the vast majority of policy on which we agree. As President Reagan once said, “the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” I hope you feel the same way. Let’s liberate New Jersey, let’s defeat Governor Feckless Phil Murphy.

NJ GOP State Committeeman 

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

6 thoughts on “Letter to my fellow NJ grassroots Republicans

  1. Yikes! That was revealing

  2. Wow, is this guy for real?

  3. Amen. Trump aside, if there is one thing to focus on it’s getting Murphy out of office. He is the radical left wing who is anti america and middle class. None of the policies he puts in place have any impact on how he and his family live. Net worth in excess of 1/4 of a billion affords him that luxury.

    The man who during his daily covid press conferences demanded we follow the science now has decided the CDC decision to eliminate the mask mandate for those vaccinated doesn’t allow him to continue to control our day to day lives. Couple that with destroying small businesses and raising taxes to fund under water public pension funds and its clear he must go.

  4. Murphy, being the limousine liberal he is, grossly overcompensated former goldman sachs millionare is the FIRST and ONLY Governor that i can recall in my life that is SILENT about our outrageous property taxes.
    for him its a non issue since hes rich
    Actually I dont remember our last limousine liberal ex- Goldman Sachs Governor who bought the job… Corzine mentioning it either.

  5. Yea Mike he’s real.
    More than you’ll ever be.

  6. I’m voting for Murphy ‘cuz I’m

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